Priscilla Chua – Black☆Rock Shooter Cosplay

During Animethon 20, I did a quick shoot for my sister and her new cosplay, this time featuring Black Rock Shooter!

We’ve seen her cosplay before at both the Edmonton Expo as well as
the Calgary Expo, but for Animethon she had something new in store.

Unfortunately Animethon has very strict rules regarding props for safety reasons, so my sister wouldn’t be wielding any chains or cannons this time around.

Now for those who aren’t too familiar with Black Rock Shooter, I’d love to give you some background info on it. However, there are actually three different stories depending on if you’re watching the OVA, reading the manga, or playing the game!

Just like the shoot I did for my sisters Ms. Marvel and Harley Quinn cosplay, this one would just be a quick shoot in the surrounding area; we were just working with what we had!

Just like the other two cosplays, my sister was also up very late the night prior (or technically morning!) of the event finishing last minute details.

Maybe one day I’ll do a proper shoot of her cosplays…

…and with that being said, she actually made a brand new cosplay for the Edmonton Expo this year which I will be showing you guys hopefully in the near future!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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