Sensei At Home
“Welcome to Sensei at Home! A platform dedicated to all aspects of teaching and learning in higher education! You’ll find videos about mentorship, fun Japanese grammar lessons, teaching vlogs, the world of Sherlock Holmes, and more!”

Titan 7
“Titan 7 is a brand new wheel company introduced in 2017 that are fully forged with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure. That means Titan 7 wheels are strong, light, and durable, all in one. They employ state of the art technologies to give you features that make sure you stay on top of your performance game.”

Import Bible Ressha Melody Box
“Inspired by my trips to Japan, it’s hard not to miss the sights and sounds. You’ll hear various greetings while travelling Japan but train stations are particularly known for their station-specific tunes. This melody box plays a selected track when it detects power and includes volume control. Choose from 45 greeting chimes and 3 reverse chimes (requires tap into reverse light wire). A great ETC reader alternative.”
Let’s Build A Liberty Walk
“Follow David and the rest of the crew at Avant Garde Motorsports as they build the very first Liberty Walk Gran Turismo in North America for the Driven Edmonton show.”