Edmonton Pet Expo

Winter is generally a time where, to be honest, not much goes on for me. Instead, I usually prefer to stay at home and keep warm. However, when I was invited to tag along to the Edmonton Pet Expo, I figured why not?

Given that I am an animal guy myself and have never been to any sort of pet expo before, I figured that this would be an interesting experience. I am not however an expert on this subject, so you will have to excuse my lack of knowledge for this post!

There was actually a lot more to see there than I had originally anticipated. Take for example, a treadmill for “walking” your dogs…

…to the hairless cat breed known as the Sphynx. Even though that they’re originally from Canada (who would’ve guessed?), this is actually my first time seeing the hairless cat. Interesting to say the least.

This little French Bulldog, although seemingly quite content, was actually already out of breath during the days first hourly festivities.

Not all cats present were in enclosures, as many were actually on a leash, but as you can see, not in a hurry to go anywhere.

Something that I actually wasn’t expecting to see present at the show was a group of Shiba Inu’s from Cintara Kennels.

These little guys drew quite the crowd throughout the day. Their extremely soft coat really gives them that “teddy bear” like feel.

How could you not want one?

This Red-and-Green Macaw was enjoying free rides on visitors, and according to the owner, is actually 25 years old!

This poor little guy had to have most of his beak removed, but it gave him quite a unique look I thought.

Just like anywhere else, this tortoise just sat there life-like while relaxing in the heat lamps warm rays.

Big Al’s was on hand with an assortment of different aquariums…

…as well as a few different reptiles on display.

Bearded dragon sitting in all its glory.

Cabela’s had a large “splash pool” present as well. Dogs would actually run on a platform and jump off it, trying to grab the toy you see suspended here. Depending on the dog, the metal arm could actually be raised or lowered as well.

For the kids, there was a petting zoo with your usual assortment of farm animals such as chickens and roosters…

…to your different types of goats and lamb!

This two month old Beagle had a clever name, “Smeagol”.

There was an entire corner of the expo dedicated to just reptiles and arachnids. If the creepy-crawly’s weren’t aren’t your thing…

…then maybe more so the lizards and geckos?

Snakes were present as well with quite a variety of sizes to play around with.

Some small enough to even fit right in the palm of your hand!

The more I look at these, the more I want one. One breed of dog that I did not spot at the expo however was the Pekingese, which also happens to be my favourite breed. Maybe next year?


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