Edmonton Motor Show 2013

Once a year the halls of the Edmonton Expo Center are filled with nothing but cars, and the people who love them. The Edmonton Motor Show has actually been accused of “not being what it used to be”, what with the absence of names like Garage Works/Avant Garde Motorsports and Calgary’s ZR Auto, but the halls have been slowly coming back to life with new offerings from manufactures such as the ever so popular Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS (Toyota FT86).

With things in the automotive industry coming back to life, we kick things off in the Ford booth with their new tail gate opening technology. Say you’re coming home from grocery shopping. If you’re like me, you have a lifetime supply to groceries to bring in but you only want to make one trip. After Hulking all the groceries somehow, you find your hands filled to the brim and unable to actually close the trunk! Don’t worry, a simple kick of the bumper (and I don’t mean kung fu’ing the crap out of your car) and vioala! The trunk will simply open or close without you ever having to actually lift or pull on it. Quite a neat idea if you ask me.

Ford was also present with a very serious racing simulation. We’ve all seen them online, but to actually see one functioning in person was just too cool, not to mention you can have a couple passengers with you!

While Mazda no longer makes Rotary Rockets, their sportier offerings to the general public haven’t declined as much as anticipated with the Mazda 3 (available in the Mazda Speed 3 trim of course)…

…as well as the two seater convertible Miata. These little guys are a lot of fun to drive.

Volkswagen as usual shows no signs of slowing down with their ever popular Golf.

They even had on display many different accessorizes to customize and personalize your ride to your own tastes!

The new Jeep Cherokee is certainly looking futuristic.

The Scion brand seems to be doing well for Toyota ever since they introduced it to the Canadian market. While the tC seems to be just another car, it’s things like…

…the Scion iQ that really spreads this brand apart from others.

Without a doubt however, the FRS is the one that everyone’s talking about.

The new 86 has been anticipated for years and is one of the most popular and important cars of the past year. Although it is technically the new AE86, you won’t be finding a screaming inline four like it’s older brother.

Rather, you’ll be treating yourself to the rumble of a Boxer engine thanks to the other half of this project, Subaru.

Although there are slight styling and option differences between the two (three if you count Toyota’s FT86 which is not available in North America), the car is essentially the same between the different brands.

Although the BRZ/FRS has been out for about a year now, it was still as popular as ever with hoards of people constantly surrounding it. I don’t see this car decreasing in popularity anytime soon.

Personally I’ve never really been much of a fan of the Chrysler 300, but I thought this particular SRT8 version was looking good sitting on its 20” rims.

Ferrari Maserati of Calgary was on hand displaying a handful of their beauties like this very aggressive looking Gran Turismo S.

This black 458 Italia however was looked even more aggressive.

Acura has come a long way in terms of luxury, really sticking out in terms of luxury from the “simpler” Honda name.

These days it’s hard to drive down the street without seeing at least one TL, but for good reason!

Mercedes Benz have actually been making SUV’s for quite some time…

…but it’s things like the 571HP+ SLS that they’re really known for.

That, and big fancy sedans.

Unfortunately you don’t really hear much going on with Volvo these days (or I’m just living under a rock)…

…but this minty 1800 S certainly caught my eye.

They did however have this very sophisticated looking folding roof on display.

The new Jaguar F Type was attracting quite the crowd with its new sleek front end.

I’ve had the chance to drive the new Range Rover a few times and I must say that this is one technology loaded SUV.

Bentley was on hand with a couple cars from their high end selection such as this Continental GT…

…and the drop top GTC version.

Aston Martin is actually celebrating its 100th anniversary, seen here with the brand new Vanquish.

I absolutely love how the doors open at a slight angle.

Audi has grown in popularity largely over the years, with their previously “girl car” TT not looking so girly anymore!

The R8 has been nothing but a success ever since its release. Not only do they perform amazingly, the certainly look the part too.

It would appear that ever car in the Audi booth was white, and boy do they look good in white.

Mini certainly has quite the number of options, whether it’s just the basic Cooper that you’re looking for…

…or if you prefer something a little more aggressive, how about this John Cooper Works Countryman All4? Boy is that a mouthful.

The guys over at Auto Obsessed had this highly modified Evolution X that I actually ran with on the track last year!

Auto Obsessed are masters of detailing, and to help show it off, they had this Gallardo Spyder raised on a lift with mirrors to show off its spotless undercarriage.

The Aventador seems to have brought back the madness that Lamborghini is known for. Vertical doors and V12 that breaths blue flames? Yes please.

While we’re on the topic of Lamborghini’s, Lamborghini Vancouver was on hand with a few cars. The LP 700-4 being the main attraction.

Right next to the big Lambo’s were this pair of smaller and more agile Lotus Evora’s.

My friends over at Porsche had one of each model on display with this blue 991 Carrera S sporting…

…the old school duckbill wing, available in the SportDesign package. Yes!

The Panamera got a lot of criticism for its quite frankly unflattering looks, but after having the chance to drive around in one for a while I’m actually a fan of this very large four door version of the German super car.

Of course Porsche is known for their sport and super cars, so the Caymen and Boxter are still around for everyone else and just like the Audi TT, thanks to some styling updates, are no longer viewed as “girl cars”, but more serious sport cars.

Garage Works/Avant Garde Motorsports was back strong this year with the first and only McLaren MP-12C in town.

This LP640 has been with the group for a long time. I’ll never forget the moment when David Lee started it up and absolutely revved the life out of the 6.5L V12 at Driven a couple years ago.

I’m glad to see that Papa Smurf is still around. This is actually the only XKR-S in French Racing Blue in the country.

Garage Works is known for their incredible wrap jobs, often wrapping entire cars. Check out the smoke wrap on the tail lights on this R8.

This matte blue Cayenne was actually wrapped in a week!

The Japanese answer to the M3, the Lexus IS-F.

The fastest super car out of Japan was without a doubt the Lexus LFA.

Unfortunately the LFA’s presence in the market was short lived, but boy do they look and sound amazing.

The Fisker Karma was an interesting take to a hybrid luxury sports sedan. Hybrid definitely seems like the way of the automobile of the future.

Ever since the introduction of Fiat to Canada, the little 500 has been immensely popular.

It’s the Abarth edition however that really does it for me.

The G series from Infiniti is still going strong with the current G37, still available in couple, convertible, and sedan versions, all equipped with one of the best sounding engines, the VQ.

The G’s sister car, the Z.

Next to the BRZ/FRS, the R35 GTR is probably another one of the most important vehicles to have been released in the past decade. From the release to present day, “Godzilla” still makes it presence known no matter where it goes.

I’m glad to see that the Nismo name is still around, with this particular badge…

…on the back of this Juke Nismo Edition, all new for spring 2013.

A lot of manufactures actually had various hybrid setups on display to show people just how easy it is to use. It’s really no different than filling up your car with gas!

Mitsubishi seems to be bringing over more of their small kei cars that are usually reserved for the Asian markets.

The Honda Civic has come along way from the simple gas sipper that it used to be. Glad to see that Honda has not given up on the Civic name with the current FG4 version.

The Fit has been a great match for almost everybody with the second generation looking sharp!

Honda actually had this Gear Concept on display and it looks mighty good to me.

The color, the body, I just absolutely love everything about this new concept.

I can only hope that Honda will put this into production looking as close to the concept as possible. Only time will tell however!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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