Calgary Expo 2013 – The Cosplayers

It’s always interesting to see how people can take an idea and turn it into their own. For example, you can stay true to the original…

…or you can add your own flavor into the mix.

Of course, there are those who prefer the “original” route and come up with their very own unique creations.

Whatever the inspiration may be, you can be rest assured that there were plenty of different styles your eyes could feast upon at this year’s Calgary Expo.

One of the very first cosplayers to greet me was this very well done Mileena (Mortal Kombat).

The detail on the mouth was amazing. When I asked her how she ate or drank anything, she simply replied with “I just had a big breakfast!” Now that’s dedication!

This Kitana may not have had bladed fans, but she was still looking sharp. With the rise in popularity of Marvel and DC lately, it’s nice to see that people haven’t forgotten about one of the original (and most gory) fighting games.

The Baroness (G.I. Joe) looking extra bodacious here.

The futuristic setting of the current G.I. Joe certainly appears sleeker than the original military look that the soldiers once had!

Cosplay model, Lacy Black, was joined by a few of her friends for the expo, with each of them looking impressive!

Probably some of the best Halo cosplays I’ve seen so far. What do you guys prefer: the super soldiers of the SPARTAN Program or the fearless members of the ODST?

I think the UNSC has some of the most fashionable armor when it comes to military!

It’s not too often that you see Transformer cosplays, so while I was pretty excited to see this Optimus Prime here…

…it was the original version of Prime that really caught everyone’s attention. This guy was huge!

Slenderman wasn’t about to sneak up on anyone this time around…or was he?

While I quite enjoy the new Scarecrow from the 2005 movie reboot of Batman…

…I don’t think it even comes close to looking as menacing as the original. Batman looking a little outnumbered here!

Perhaps Batgirl would give him a hand?

Deadpool is looking mighty smooth here with Rogue, Psylocke, and Ms. Marvel, a few of the finest ladies of the Marvel Universe.

While Deadpool was up to his usual antics…

…Rogue preferred something a little more deliberate. Imagine what all the superheroes and villains would do if they all had Portal Guns!

Despite having all the technology of the universe available at his disposal, you’d figure that GIR would be able to come up with a better disguise than this.

I guess Toothiana (Rise of the Guardians) likes red Chucks just like I do!

Thankfully, this Beetlejuice wasn’t as mischievous as the character’s famed to be.

Can’t have Darth Maul without double-ended Lightsabers!

Although technically not a part of the Dark Side, Boba Fett has always been a “force” to reckon with.

“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” Too bad Rhodes can’t say the same thing about himself when he’s not in the suit.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge Silent Hill fan. I can hear the crackling noises of their limbs.

Unfortunately, this Saber’s sword was confiscated halfway through the expo. Hurray for improvisation!

As if the Nazgûl weren’t terrifying enough on screen, the Witch-King of Angmar gets outfitted with extra hardcore looking armor. The metal clinking of his gauntlets and boots brought a chill to the spine whenever he came around the corner …

We decided to take a break and get some fresh air, but the festivities didn’t end there.

Outside the expo, it was just as busy with many people posing in the sunlight for photos.

I even caught a sniper being sneaky and hiding in the bushes!

If anything the mood outside was even crazier since there was so much more room to do whatever you wanted to do!

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to a convention like this.

The arrival of the Power Rangers drew quite the crowd but also caused a bit of a ruckus back indoors.

There were so many people stopping this amazing group for photos inside the expo that it was causing traffic issues, forcing the group to relocate outdoors!

They were soon joined by many others such as Deadpool…

…Tifa and Cloud who was armed with the gigantic Buster Sword…

…Samus Aran with her Arm Canon…

…and last but not least, a Ghost Buster, complete with sounds effects! This was just too cool.

Even Mega Man couldn’t resist snapping a photo!

Meanwhile, a couple Deadpools were just relaxing in the sun along with Venom.

It’s always nice to see a whole family not only out spending time together, but cosplaying as a group as well!

You can never be too old to dream about superheros, so why not start enjoying them early on?

Link and Captain Falcon as a team!

While it wasn’t as high-tech as the fully remote controlled version that we saw at the Edmonton Expo, this R2D2 was certainly getting around a lot easier!

We had seen this gorgeous Queen of Hearts taking a stroll on the downtown sidewalk and when we found her again in the Expo, she was even more exquisite up close!

Spiderman slingin’ some webs.

Remember to keep your eyes on the Weeping Angel!

Stick around for part three of the Calgary Expo where we take one last look around this magnificent event, but for now, peaceout!


Part ONE of The Calgary Expo.

Part THREE of The Calgary Expo.

Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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