Chantelle Truong, Jason Chen, and Clara C – Driven 2013

While the cars are the main attractions at the Driven auto show, there’s always a plethora of talent present as well.

From singers to dancers, Driven gives a lot of locals the opportunity to show-off what they’re made of on stage!

This year they also held a “Drivens Got Talent” competition for anyone who up for the challenge.

But the real attraction that night was a live performance by YouTube sensations Chantelle Truong, Jason Chen, and Clara C!

Chantelle Truong, while not as well-known as her fellow YouTubers that were present that day, has an amazing voice matched with a down-to-earth personality!

She’s one of the few YouTubers I know of that prefers to cover EDC songs as well.

Take an up-beat trance song, give it to Chantelle, and she’ll hand you back an acoustic masterpiece!

Without a doubt, Chantelle Truong is one person to keep an eye out for in the future!

Originally a graduate from UCLA with a degree in Business Economics, Jason Chen is one of the biggest singers in the YouTube community.

He actually started singing for the purpose of asking a girl to prom!

Since then he has performed around the world, released his first album “Gravity”, created his own brand of merchandise for his brand “Music Never Sleeps”, and is currently in the process of working on his second album!

During his college years, it was actually a couple of dorm mates that convinced Jason to first upload clips of him singing online. I’m sure he loves those guys today!

Just like Jason Chen, Clara C was encouraged by her friends to start posting videos of herself singing online.

She was apparently “not particularly motivated” to pursue music at first, but now she does it full time!

Clara also won the Kollaboration LA competition back in 2010. It seems like there’s been quite a bit of YouTubers who have participated in Kollaboration at one point or another!

She now collaborates with many other popular artists such as David Choi, New Heights, and Dumbfoundead, just to name a few.

Clara is an amazing person even by herself, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future!

Be sure to subscribe to these talented individuals on YouTube as they may be coming to a city near you!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

Chantelle Truong

Jason Chen | Music Never Sleeps

Clara C

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