Driven Calgary 2015 Vlog

A few months ago, I found myself organizing a group of both friends and car enthusiasts to enter the Driven show in Calgary. Driven, now the biggest import car show in Western Canada, was absent from Alberta last year due to renovations taking place at the Olympic Oval in Calgary (the show is sadly no longer in Edmonton). After they announced that it would be back this year, there was no way that we were going to miss it.

At first I was just seeing if everyone wanted to go down for the weekend and checkout the show, but the interest to enter the show together was there and next thing you know, I was elected team leader.
That meant taking care of pretty much everything for our group which also meant that I would have a lot on my plate for the next little while.

In addition to being swamped with a lot of organizing/planning to do for the group, I would also be incredibly busy preparing both Matt’s AE86 as well as my own Integra for the show. This meant many late nights (including some with no sleep at all), energy drinks, cut hands/knuckles, swearing, hard work, dedication, and love. That last bit I would say is the most important, as even though we weren’t expecting to be taking home any trophies (although Tommy’s M3 in our group took home Best M Car), we do this because this is what we love doing. It is our passion that motivates us and continues to drive us forwards. And who better to do this with than my oldest car friend since childhood?

Thank you to everyone who came out to support myself as well as Team No Torque, whether you stayed up late with us working on our cars, or just stopped by our area at the show to tell us how much you love our cars, it really means a lot to us.

Until next year!


Special thanks to the following:
Priscilla, Sarah, Tina, Solomon, Brock, James, Daniel, Eric, Katie (Bonded Design), and of course my TNT Crew (Geoff, Fran, Ave, Randy, Matt, Ryan, Jamie, Jon, Tommy).

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