Legitsociety SlowDownSunday 2015

For the past ten years or so the car scene seems to have been dwindling here in rather quiet Alberta. We used to have Sport Compact Nights, Sport Compact Challenge (which was basically Race Wars), and Driven (previously known as Driven To Perform) used to be a lot bigger as well.

I’m not saying that the scene is dead or anything, but rather it just isn’t what it used to be. I’m sure most of you car guys can agree with me on this.

Things have been slowly improving over the past few years however with the start of the 780Tuners Season Opener, the return of Driven, the start of the ill.motion Sunday School, and even the opening of Castrol Raceway.

Hopefully things continue to get bigger and better, as we’re seeing more and more growth in the scene with more events for enthusiasts to enjoy, such as the Legitsociety SlowDownSunday right here in Edmonton.

While not as big as its counterparts, it’s nice to see another group such as Legitsociety taking the effort to put together a show and shine together like this.

Another thing I really love about a show and shine like this is that it’s much more relaxed and casual than an actual big indoor show. In the end I think it all depends on your mentality. Maybe you’re there to compete and try to take home a trophy, or maybe you’re just there to have fun. It’s entirely up to you.

SlowDownSunday definitely felt like the latter, and it’s honestly so refreshing to just chat with other and maybe even make some new friends in the scene.

But enough of what I think, let’s get into the show itself.

While I’m a big sucker for Magnesium Blue TE37’s, I think my favouite thing about this car would have to be the Ralliart mirrors. On a side note, this car is originally from the States and was apart Emperor Motorsports!

Normally you wouldn’t see a modern day Beetle at a car show, but we’ll make an exception to this one given that it’s turbocharged…

…and is even equipped with a Brembo BBK and also rolling on BBS’!

I’ve almost forgotten how clean Peter’s car is without the flashy livery.

Good thing the passenger side is nice and clean to remind me!

Cale was also out and while I didn’t grab a shot of the exterior, I did finally get one of his engine bay which is home to an Innovate supercharger.

Team Revere was also out in attendance with a very impressive display of cars.

I can’t get enough of just how good RPF1’s look in their Special Brilliant Coating!

Still the only bagged Evo X I’ve ever seen.

The owner was even nice enough to let some kids hop in and play around with the air suspension!

I initially wasn’t a big fan of the new /WRX/STi’s but they’re really starting to grow on me…

Now this is pretty damn sweet: old school Corona with wood paneling rolling on TE37V’s!

It was basically a no-brainer to enter this show with some of the TNT guys…

…and Ave FINALLY made it out to a show, this time rocking his brand spanking new green RPF1’s!

You’ve guys have seen my car plenty of times by now.

Matt’s super clean AE86 was attracting tons of attention all day.

Jon’s turbo EG was looking as clean as ever and also took home one of the Best Of Show awards. Congrats Jon!

Danny’s car looks great even when it’s not blasting around the track.

The Legitsociety guys also decided to have a rev off where Eddy would take home first place with those crazy stacks!

When it comes to blowing eardrums however, Leo’s car definitely takes the cake. LOVE the Blitz bumper!

Kaje’s Civic is still one of the very few modified ninth gens that I ever see around.

There was only one lone motorcycle at the show…

…featuring a super badass Sonic The Hedgehog livery!

Without a doubt the first time I’ve ever seen the Sega character on a vehicle.

Glad to see that DSM’s haven’t disappeared from the scene at all.

First time I’ve seen this Varis kitted Evo X here in town. Looking forward to see what else the owner has in store for it!

Sometime during the show a curious looking ITR showed up in the parking lot…

…which no one here has laid eyes on before until now. That’s because this showroom fresh 01Spec ITR is originally from Ontario but now spends its days over in Vancouver!

RevSceners will definitely recognize this car, while the rest of us will just have to take a good look to see how it’s done. Sometimes simple is best!

With the direction that the car scene is heading, the Legitsociety SlowDownSunday should only continue to grow each year. I’m sure it’ll get bigger and bigger, but we’ll just have to wait until next year to see!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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