Rev For Le Cure 2016

This year marked the fourth annual Rev For Le Cure event, a fundraiser in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation; an event by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, all to help out a good cause.

This is probably the closest thing we have to the good ol’ Sport Compact Challenge days (our version of Race Wars), with a mix of both car show…

…and racing!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating and we were greeted by grey skies and rain for a good portion of the day, but that didn’t stop people from coming out and having a good time.

One of the first cars to arrive that definitely caught my eye was this Prius lowered on TRD wheels. I dig it.

Hey it’s that Impreza that I see all over the place!

Matthew’s AE86 which would later go on to take home Best Toyota.

Jessie White of Speedtech’s SR20 powered 260Z. I can’t get enough of this car.

Sitting right next to the 260Z was this DR30 Skyline. Quite the trio of OG JDM cars wouldn’t you say?

Jamie/Ryan’s old EK Civic.

Danny’s K20 powered Civic which I’m sure we’ll see in action at the track sooner than later.

Ethan’s super clean K-powered Integra.

On the other hand we have Ave’s ITR which is a bit more on the extreme side of the spectrum.

Terry braved the rainy weather in his “Unicorn” Evo IX to be a part of the show.

Gerick’s Rocket Bunny RC 350. Just needs a bit more low!

The last time I saw Health’s Supra was a few years ago when the body kit was still unpainted. Glad to see that all the body parts are matching now!

Very clean EG Civic with a “Type R” theme.

996 lowered on BBS wheels wrapped in some beefy tires.

I always enjoy seeing Euro cars on JDM wheels such as this Golf R on a rather rare set of gram LIGHTS 57Transcend’s.

Carbon Rocket Bunny’d and boosted FR-S.

One of my favourite cars from the show was this Varis widebodied Impreza rocking bronze Volk Racing ZE40’s on one side…

…and Matte Gunmetal Blue ZE40’s on the other!

Daniel’s FR-S.

EF Civic wearing an Advan inspired livery out on the road course.

I was glad to see this AE86 out for some hot laps as well!

Orin has replaced his crazy chassis-mounted wing setup for this more conventional trunk mounted APR item. Sadly his motor would blow shortly after this shot, but I’m sure he’ll be back even stronger in no time!

Danny’s FR-S cooling down in the pits after some hot laps.

The owner of this Caterham was rather brave taking this car out in the wet conditions.

Tim’s supercharged and K-powered EG sitting next to the Type-R inspired EG.

Jimmy’s EM1 really makes me want to get one for myself…

The ex-Hybrid Racing EK Civic making an appearance.

Jason’s NSX has been making quite the stir on the forums lately. This car originally had an NA2 front end conversion with tan interior but Jason has since converted back to the NA1 front end and an all-black OEM interior. The car is also boosted now too!

Of course I couldn’t go on without posting a photo of my own Integra. Thank you to everyone who voted allowing me to take home Best Acura!

Some of you may remember Tyson as the owner of a 500+WHP EM1 Civic a few years ago. Unfortunately the car was written off but I’m glad to see that Tyson hasn’t given up on his passion and came back in full force with this fully built RWD GC8 Impreza. He would later take home a well-deserved Best JDM award. I can’t wait to see more of this car in the future!

Carlo’s WRX somehow manages to stay super clean all the time…

I would like to say a big thanks to my good friends Lam Le and Kevin Uyeda for organizing such an amazing event in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. While we’re all car guys and gals at heart, it is important to remember to give back to those in need in the community. Can’t wait to see you all at Driven Edmonton later on this summer!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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