ill.motion Sunday School 2016

One of the most anticipated car events of the year has got to be, without a doubt, the ill.motion Sunday School Show & Shine. Despite being a full on car show complete with DJ’s, food trucks, and even awards, it tends to be one of the more relaxed and easy going events of the year.

It’s usually a nice event to hang out and take a break from all the Driven Calgary and track day festivities that I have going on, but this time it was just one week before the Driven Edmonton show.

I’ll start things off with Ryan’s EP3 Civic. EP3’s are one of my personal favourite cars so it’s always refreshing to see one in such immaculate condition.

Jason’s Arise Sports kitted FR-S is also definitely one of my favourite builds around here!

403media’s slammed Legacy complete with slammed skateboard.

Silvia trio.

Love everything about this FD and how it all flows together.

Turbo’d Integra that won Best Integra from Driven Calgary.

Haute AG’s wild M3 GTR.

Super clean AE86 that I haven’t seen before.

Liberty Walk kitted G37 sans overfenders.

Simon Chan’s FR-S outfitted with C-West, Rocket Bunny, and Varis aero.

Birdy’s rallybacker widebody FR-S.

It’s not every day you see a slammed Prius with a big ol’ GT wing out back.

I had the pleasure of watching this BRZ partially rip off the front bumper the day prior at the First Gear BBQ event.

Pretty wild wing setup though!

Big blue Godzilla.

Insane Supra with a gigantic turbo…

…all business interior…

…and even a TE37 full sized spare!

Errol’s RSX sporting new Rize Japan taillights that I think look absolutely amazing.

Crazy FC build that was apparently completed just the night prior, complete with a 2JZ swap and even carbon fiber doors!

Orrin’s track beast doing show car duty for the day.

Some pretty impressive paintwork on the hood of this S15.

Kevin Nguyen’s R32 GTR which was missing the huge wing out back.

Great looking R32 that looks like it’s ready to attack some corners.

Jimmy’s630WHP E46 M3.

Giuseppe’s R32 GTR still looking as clean as ever.

Pretty rare to find such a good condition JDM GC8 these days so this one was quite refreshing to see.

Rocket Bunny RPS13.

Awesome looking M4 sedan slammed to the ground and even has a huge GT wing hanging out back.

Alex Lee’s GS300 looking a little rough while proudly wearing lots of battle scars.

Pristine trio of AE86’s.

No idea what this is but it looks super OG which is fine by me.

I can never get enough of this FD. It’s completely spotless every time I see it including that one time I ran into it at the track!

Kasem’s Amuse S2000 now rolling on Volk Racing ZE40’s.

Love how the Border Racing fenders look on this MR2.

Call me crazy, but I think this Sienna was my FAVOURITE vehicle at the entire event. Hell to the yes!

I still can’t believe that this 964 is static and not on air. I can’t imagine driving this thing anywhere at this height…

Really cool to see a DA Integra done up as much as this one. It’s very rare that you see one these days modified to this extent with Recaro’s, Gram Lights, and even ARC Winglets!

Chowfun’s new 997 GT3 project which has had all the haters hating lately.

Dat wing doe!

Lam’s Del Sol looking good her brand new carbon front lip.

Levi’s Rocket Bunny V2 BRZ.

Daniel’s FR-S rocking some new aero additions.

Peter’s livery has got to be one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. He recently got married so on the passenger side he is proudly sporting the big “BRIDE” logo…

…and on the drivers side he gets his very own “GROOM”! Too cool.

Internet famous Philip Thi (bos_dc2) now resides in Calgary, so I’ll hopefully see more of this amazing ITR in the future.

Kevin/Jackie’s old 97Spec ITR with 98Spec conversion and TE37’s.
EDIT: This is in fact Terry’s ITR and NOT Kevin/Jackie’s old car.

Aldo’s S2000 with some pretty visible track scars on the fenders.

Brandon’s DC5 which will (hopefully) get a makeover in the future.

I feel like we don’t see a lot of Regamasters anymore, so here’s a set mounted on a clean K-swapped and supercharged EM1.

Alex’s K-powered EM1 track car.

Alex’s turbo’d B-series Integra (Alex also had his Acura RL on TE37’s out that I didn’t take a picture of – in fact I could probably make an entire post filled with nothing but just his cars).

I was pleasantly surprised to see Errol’s Amuse S2000 make a rather rare appearance at the show, until I found out that he recently sold it (which explains why it was out at the show in the first place).

Jackie’s insane ITR track car build made its debut at Sunday School, and my goodness does it ever look aggressive.

I should hopefully be seeing this car in action at the track soon so stay tuned for that!

Josh’s recently completed EG is yet another K-powered machine. Calgary guys sure love their K-swaps!

Varis widebody Impreza over with the Legitsociety guys.

Carlo’s WRX with some new fancy headlights.

Old school couple.

I really love first gen xB’s but they are so hard to come by around here!

Scott’s NA Miata.

Really digging the color on this slammed Fiesta ST.

Ross’ R34 GTR turning heads as always, and for good reason!

Just can’t get enough of that Midnight Purple.

Another one of my favourites of the show would have be this lowered and flared Suzuki Carry. So awesome!

S13 Silvia with a very 90’s feel to it. I dig.

I’m going to end this post with a very clean example of a JZA80 Supra. Be sure to keep an eye out on the blog over the next few weeks as I will have lots of automotive content on the way, and always be sure to click on the Flickr link before to see the rest of the photos!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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