What Up, Tosh?

I don’t really know else how to open this post so I’m just going to get right into it; Driven Edmonton was the BOMB.

I’ve been attending car shows since I was a kid and I have never had as much fun or excitement as this event, largely due to the fact that we were in a hot and packed underground parkade filled with some top quality builds. Does this sound like any particular movie to you?

It’s also been seven years since Driven was last in Edmonton so it was amazing to see it come back with such force. I really hope they can continue this for future years to come! *cue the Tokyo Drift song*

I’ll kick things off with Laski’s lifted Tacoma that took home the “Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse” award (yes that’s actually a thing apparently). Too bad the ceiling wasn’t high enough for him to open up the bed-mounted tent. Congrats on the win!

Matt’s incredibly clean AE86.

David’s FR-S on magnesium blue Gram Lights 57DR’s.

I was pretty glad to have Eric join us this year in his 380WHPish S15 as it is absolutely spotless.

Lam’s Del Sol on Mugen MF10’s.

Geoff’s Kraftwerks supercharged S2000.

Ethan’s K20-powered Integra complete with braided wiring in the engine bay.

My very own Integra now fitted with a Juran Racing GTX1000 and Seibon carbon fiber hatch.

Ave’s wild ITR.

Fran’s 01Spec ITR has still got to be one of the cleanest Type R’s around.

Dillon’s custom widebody G35.

Jon has since sold his EG and is now rolling in this GTI!

EvoCon Originals over in the corner with some very 90’s styled cars which seems to be making a bit of a comeback.

Over in the Avant Garde booth was none other than the Liberty Walk Gran Turismo waiting to be unveiled. As some of you may already know, I am currently involved in the mini web series that will be documenting this build, so I was very excited for everyone to finally see it.

Lots of “oohs” and “aahs” were heard, and for good reason.

For those that don’t know, this is the very first Liberty Walk Gran Turismo build in North America, and the first Liberty Walk build here in Alberta.

Fully dumped on its Airrex suspension, this thing just looks absolutely stunning. I actually spent a couple hours the next day with this car out in public and it just catches everyone’s absolute attention.

The Gran Turismo wasn’t the only LB kitted car there however, as this big bad bull was also present and proceeded to give me hearing damage later that evening.

As if a Lamborghini wasn’t crazy enough…

That being said, I would also happily take a stock Lambo any day!

Sinister looking Gallardo modified by the boys over at GarageWorks.

Love the black on black theme with this DB9.

Gerick’s Rocket Bunny RC 350 F Sport that not only took home Best Lexus, but also won the PASMAG Tuner Battlegrounds competition! Congrats!

From here on he will be continuing to compete for a spot at SEMA next year, something that without a doubt will not be easy to accomplish.

Simon made the drive all the way from Vancouver to be a part of both the ill.motion Sunday School last weekend as well as Driven YEG.

Speaking of long drives, Alex Dixon made the long trek all the way from Winnipeg to also be a part of Driven…

…as did Al from TiBurnt!

Blacked out Gallardo from Pure Executive Auto.

One of the biggest surprizes of the show for me was this S14 wearing the full Rocket Bunny “Boss” kit and LS swap. Damn.

S14.5 by Autodream.

Levi’s Rocket Bunny V2 BRZ with the V1 wing mounted out back.

Glad to see that Kanji was able to roll in without ripping off his bumper this time.

Another S14 from Autodream, this time sporting RB26 power.

I think I actually prefer the way that Kevin’s R32 looks without the gigantic wing out back.

Almost seeing double.

Classic hakosuka parked in the back…

…right next to Bayside Blue little brother.

ITB’d 1UZ swaped AE86.

Adan’s 350Z…

…which is now home to this huge Big Bird sized looking wing.

Last time we saw Carlo’s WRX in the sunlight it was hard to see his new headlights, so here you go!

Daniel’s FR-S with his helmet sitting on the roof hinting at what else this car is used for.

Berry’s Varis widebody FR-S.

Mark’s Varis widebody Impreza WRX STI with the gunmetal blue ZE40’s on the drivers side (the passenger side has bronze ZE40’s).

Avery’s matte white 350Z.

SR20-powered Datsun 510 with a rather large turbo.

You normally only see flood lights on VIP styled cars but I rather liked the way they looked on this JDM Accord Wagon.

Neat looking camo wrap on the front of this Scion iM.

Sheldon Lemoine’s Impreza WRX STI parked with the rest of the Team Royalty guys.

I can only imagine what a rocket this Hayabusa powered Smart Car must be.

Peter’s FR-S now rocking a new livery along with gunmetal blue ZE40’s, j.blood carbon fiber sills, TRD rear aero stabilizer…

…and of course, the gigantic Voltex swan neck wing out back.

Incredible drag spec Civic setup by the team over at Speedtech.

Trung’s Voltex S2000 would later go on to take home Best S2000. Congrats!

Tyson’s JDM GC8 has definitely got to be one of the cleanest examples around.

My GOD does this Rocket Bunny S13 look good.

Charlie’s race car pulling show car duty for the day.

Kevin’s IS on Velvet Carmine Gram Light 57Xtreme’s.

The poor people who were near Danny’s FR-S when he started it up for rollout…

Nick’s Rocket Bunny Genesis.

As always, one of the top cars of the show that has been taking home a number of awards lately is Ross’ R34 GTR.

He says that he’s done with shows for now and that the next step is to drive the car more. Maybe I’ll see him out at the track next season?

Ex-Hybrid Racing EK demo car still looking good.

Chad’s murdered out S2000.

Jesse’s SR20 swapped 260Z is a car that I always enjoy seeing at shows.

Amanda’s DR30 Skyline is now also sporting SR20 power under the hood!

Ron’s R32 GTR looks so sinister…

Too bad I didn’t snap a photo on the interior of this Impreza but it is quite amazing with S204 Recaro’s and a full Defi gauge system that looks like something out of a Gundam cockpit.

An S13 that looks like it has been well used with Enkei RPF1’s up front and Work Equips in the back.

Really cool VIP styled Nissan Gloria.

I didn’t notice it last week at the ill.motion show but the back of the 403media Legacy has a quite the diffuser setup with some rather obnoxious looking blast pipes.

Unfortunately this brings us to the end of my Driven Edmonton coverage. Like I said earlier, I really had a blast at this event and hope that everyone else did as well.

I just want to take this moment to say thanks to everybody that helped me get my car ready for the show, everyone that came out and said hi and just to hang out, to all the 780Tuners/Driven staff for all their hard work and dedication for putting on such an amazing event, to my own crew for always being down to have a good time together, and of course, to everyone who just came up to me at the show to tell me how much they love my work. It’s honestly so amazing to see people rocking the penguin decal on their cars when I’m at shows. You guys are awesome. Until next season.


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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