Cold Course

Hello Everyone,

As you probably know by now I absolutely love motorsports, so if that means waking up at 6:00AM on a Sunday morning after only getting three hours of sleep to spend the day around some racing, you know I’m there. To top it off I was also feeling pretty sick but standing outside most of the day in the cold seemed to help…either that or it was just the exhaust fumes getting to my head.

In any case it was the first rallycross event of the season hosted by the Edmonton Rally Club. Cale’s Celica is currently out of commission so he decided to bring out the FR-S in full track spec instead, complete with the 74” chassis-mounted Battle Aero wing and all. You may have also seen a random photo of an R32 GTR interior on my Instagram, which was the other reason that I was out in attendance.

What started out as an idea to purchase a cheap beater to share between a few friends turned into an R32 GTR “beater”, if you can even call it that. This event would be the cars initial shakedown to make sure everything was in good working order as the car has sat untouched for the past few years. Besides a minor brake issue mid-day, everything went pretty well!

Be sure to check out the Pretty Decent Garage YouTube Channel to see constant updates on the car as it progresses, but now enjoy these photos from the event.























Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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