Calgary Expo 2018

“What to buy? What to see? Whose autograph to get?” These are generally the type of questions I ask myself before going to a comic convention and things were no different at this year’s Calgary Expo.

I’ll start things off with the TeeTurtle Minis; these tiny plushies are actually reversible to reveal different colors and/or facial expressions!

With the presence of so many Back To The Future stars at this year’s expo, S.A.L.U.G. decided to create a Back To The Future themed display with everyone’s favourite Lego bricks.

Their attention to detail was impeccable as always, plus it was neat to see how they connected all the different universes together.

New this year was the OMEN by HP Gaming booth, which as the name implies, featured a range of gear from the OMEN lineup by HP for people to try out (hi missharvey!).

The OMEN X gaming desktop sitting pretty while people got to test out its capabilities with various games.

While we’re on the topic of gaming rigs and peripherals, HyperX was also on hand with an array of equipment for people to test…

…and they were also giving away multiple keyboards, headsets, mice, and mousepads!

Yes you read that sign correctly; this is actually cake by the talented people over at Sugar Illusions.

Calgary Expo exclusive Bob Ross Funko Pop!

Nintendo was on hand demonstrating their latest gaming console, the Switch. I must say, I am very impressed with what this modular console is capable of when paired with the Labo platform!

Want to dress for expo without cosplaying? No problem.

Japanese cats are everywhere…

Cool take on a classic puzzle.

I’ve honestly no idea what these are…

Some sleek looking stained glass designs by the folks over at Vigilante Glass.

When you have business to take care of but need to stay classy.

Rawry & Pohly now have t-shirts available!


This was rather tempting but I don’t wear bowties…

Puglie very own Calgary Expo exclusive, Cowboy Puglie!

Look it’s Pikach- wait a minute…

Highly detailed masks by Pink Fuzzy Demon. Majora’s Mask is fairly common but I was pleasantly surprised to see Aku Aku next to it!

New to this year’s expo was artist Sloane Concepts. These figures are pieced together by hand using nothing more than bits and pieces of other various items.

The amount of detail in each piece was extremely impressive to see.

Soft and disproportioned Japanese things…

Need to cook but stay in style? No problem, Aria’s Apparel has you covered!

Oh you can also fall asleep in style now too with the help of these glow in the dark pillow cases by Glow To Sleep.

Sorting Hat Cupcakes by Handmade Cake Company which feature the different Hogwarts houses inside each cupcake!

It’s nice to see that manga is still as popular as ever in this day of digital media.

Random booth but I thought this Mario Kart figure was pretty cool.

BOOM giant velociraptor on the table.

Some intricate DIY Pocket Towers by Black Thumb Creations which you can also use in their own dice game!

Hitsuji No Wooly!

When you need to bring dessert with you everywhere you go.

Random thought: expect a GIANT lineup of people if you’re getting taiyaki in Calgary…

These are much cooler than the sticky notes I use at work.

These pens are also much cooler than the ones I use at work except are about 600% more likely to get stolen.

Mesmerizing marble kit which you can buy ready to go from Solarbotics!

I’m suuuper looking forward to the new Venom movie with Tom Hardy on the way. Hopefully they do it right this time…

Highly detailed helmets by Modulicious. Damn.

The Detective Pikachu amiibo is literally about twice the size of your average amiibo…

I didn’t catch the name of the vendor but they had lots of neat laser cut 3D model kits available.

Giant Jenga for everyone to play!

One of my favourite things I found in Artists Alley was these enamel pins by Alagaesha Art. Those Gameboy pins even have glow in the dark screens!

Hell yes it’s sushi crochet by Sir Purl Grey!

We’ve seen lots of different creations with Perler Beads in the past but I was especially enjoying these door hangers…

…as well as Pokemon card overlays by hollohandcrafted.

That’s all for now folks, but as usual make sure you click the link below to view the full album to see the rest of the photos. Cosplay post coming soon!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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