Driven Edmonton 2018

Not even a month after finishing Driven Calgary and we’re already at the Edmonton show (not to mention that Vancouver was just last weekend). I really enjoy this event because of its unique environment; it offers that unmistakable Tokyo Drift vibe combined with good people and good cars (for the most part).

I’m going kick things off with Matthew’s AE86 Corolla. This car is no stranger to this blog and has seen a few changes over the long winter season with the addition of a brand new OEM Kouki front lip…

…and a freshly rebuilt 4-AGE. There are a few new additions as well such as the RA Motorsports intake manifold and fan shroud, Mishimoto radiator and oil cooler, Tomei fuel pressure regulator and gauge, and HKS filter. What a view.

Eric’s S15 Silvia on WedsSport SA-55M’s.

Laski’s Tacoma rocking the new RA Motorsports bed crossbars which this Boulder tent is mounted on.

I especially enjoyed the mud theme with this truck as opposed to the usual “off-road” styled trucks at shows that are more showroom clean than anything…

Some more old school members of the local car community may recognize this car. My friend Brendon has recently acquired this amazing MR2 outfitted with a plethora of goodies.

The car now features an RA Motorsports fan shroud in a polished finish. You can also peep the gold wrapped intake and intercooler pipes that I had posted on my Instagram about a week ago.

GT-R sitting in the corner.

Colin’s M3 with the EuroYEG group. Such an insane track build with pretty much anything you’d ever need for racing. Thanks for letting me sit in it!

Peter’s TRD FR-S on Volk Racing ZE40’s.

Carlo’s WRX featuring the first Varis widebody kit in North America.

Varis widebody GRB Impreza with the Legitsociety crew.

Varis Widebody Evo X also with the Legisociety crew. I think we’re starting to notice a trend here…

Really digging the Racing Green finish on these TE37 SAGA’s.

Classic JDM lineup.

Adam’s supercharged 350Z with an authentic Domino’s Pizza delivery sign on the roof (don’t ask).

I absolutely love the color of the wrap on Avery’s 350Z (also supercharged!).

I think it’d be cool to see one of these guys air-out to the point where the frame is sitting on the ground with the wheels in the air…or is it just me?

Not sure what was up with the child portraits posted up by this NSX…

Custom pocket bike built by E-Z Motorsports from back in the day featuring four LCD’s and underglow.

Varis x AIMGAIN kitted BRZ in the Kings Must Rise/Lost Royalty booth.

Top Secret R33 GT-R from Lowcals.

Berry’s Varis FR-S.


Rocket Bunny S15 with 1JZ swap.

Matte purple GT-R and a rather pretty Evo IX in The Tint Studio booth.

Llyod’s M-Sport widebody Impreza.

Lucas’ R34 GT-R on bronze TE37’s.

Leo’s HKS supercharged FR-S.

For those that don’t know, Leo and the rest of the crew at First Gear were the ones responsible for bringing out Kei Miura of Rocket Bunny/Pandem and Nakajima from Voltex to the show!

Trung’s Voltex kitted and HKS supercharged S2000 on bronze TE37 SAGA’s.

Rocket Bunny V2 FR-S.

Wild Rocket Bunny S13. I always enjoy seeing this car out as it is absolutely insane inside and out.

Varis KAMIKAZE R GT-R in the NEXTMOD booth.

Kevin’s ARK SOLUS widebody IS350.

Quite the crazy Tacoma build with a full RHD conversion with the firewall swapped and all.

Datsun Sports with an NA SR20 swap.

Matte black Aventador in the Wheels Plus booth.

Also in the Wheels Plus booth was a selection of the new Titan 7 wheels on display. Be sure to check out the series of videos I made with The Real Wheel Deal to get more in-depth info on these amazing wheels!

I didn’t take a picture of the car itself but I did really like the LED lighting in the engine bay of this Supra.

This crazy 3-Rotor R100 would go on and take top honors.

Escort Cosworth from the Edmonton Rally Club.

This BMW was probably my favourite car from the show; simple, low, and gangster AF.

Nakai’s personal 964 build!

Greg’s R32 GT-R.

Cool light pattern on the ground from the projectors on this STI.

Absolutely immaculate Porsche 356 looking spotless from Garage104.

Some of the Spec-D cars proudly displaying their battle damage.

Cody’s S1000RR wearing a new livery in the LLumar booth.

Kanji’s BRZ also showing off its new livery.

Very clean R33 on CE28SL’s.

Rocket Bunny Boss S14.

Always good to see a pristine Hakosuka out and about!

Holy audio…

Lonely Civic sitting on its own but with some pretty crazy fitment.

Another vehicle looking lonely was this Ruckus.

I was fairly surprised to see such a clean unmolested 240SX at a show such as this!

Super aggressive looking S14 looking a little more “grip” oriented rather than drift.

It’s pretty rare to see any Eclipse’s these days but I thought this 4G example with Rocket Bunny FR-S flares was definitely neat.

Avant Garde’s LP640 Roadster.

Matte black Novitec F430 also from the Avant Garde stable.

Holy #tbt…

Pandem widebody R32 GT-R.

With more track days right around the corner I’m sure I’ll have more automotive coverage for you all in the near future. See you all soon!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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