JNCA 2018

General hot and sweaty summers mean that the AC is blasting everywhere: at home, at work, and of course, in the car. So when I heard that the Japanese Nostalgic Cars of Alberta (JNCA) were having their annual meet this past weekend when it was +31°C outside without a cloud in sight, I figured why not? I mean who doesn’t like to sit in an 80’s era car without AC in the blazing heat?

Me, that’s who.

It was hot out, like HOT. You know when it’s so hot out that a nice cool summer breeze turns into what feels like a flamethrower in your face instead? Yeah it was like that. Thankfully the old Royal Alberta Museums grounds offer plenty of shade around the area which was nice, but we decided to leave to go get some ice cream anyways. We were planning on going back for the cruise afterwards but by the time we got back (which may I add was before the original scheduled time for the cruise) everyone was already gone. Not sure if it ended up getting cancelled because of the heat or what. Oh well.

Anyways here are some pictures of the meet for you all.


























Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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