Museum Of POP

The Museum Of Pop Culture (MoPOP) was not originally on my list of things to do in Seattle, but holy crap what an amazing place. To be honest I thought it was a bit on the expensive side at first ($36USD), but wow like Owen Wilson was it ever worth it.

To sum it up, at the time of my visit they had exhibits featuring Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, a full section featuring indie games (sponsored by Nintendo too no less), a full sound lab with lots of different types of instruments and recording booths for you to try your hand at creating your own jams, various props and even scripts from iconic movies of the past, a full fantasy themed section featuring more items from famous films such as Lord Of The Rings and The Wizard Of Oz, a full horror section featuring yet again even more cool items from films such as The Blair Witch Project and Alien, and a full Sci-Fi section with, you guess it, even MORE cool items from films such as Star Wars and Doctor Who, just to name a few. Oh and did I mention they are currently featuring the first ever Marvel exhibit?

Appropriately named “Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes”, this exhibit centered around the magical world of Marvel (obviously), featuring everything from the movies to the original comic books (including the Marvel Comic #1!). As someone who not only loves cinema and film, but also is a fan of the Marvel world, I was absolutely blown away. Not only do you get to see actual props and costumes used in the movies and worn by the actors themselves, but you get to really appreciate the amount of work and effort that goes into creating each and every item we see in these amazing films. The attention to detail is insane and definitely not something that you’d ever notice on the big screen. Being able to take my time and study each prop and wardrobe individually really gave me a whole new respect for the amazing teams that work so hard to make the best movies that they can possibly make.

I’m not too sure how long the Marvel exhibit is on for, but if you’re a fan of the Marvel universe and are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out, if not for Marvel then at least for the other exhibits which were a ton of fun as well.

You won’t be disappointed.








































































Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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