Driven 2009

First and foremost I’d like to apologize for the terrible photos that you are about to see. Continuing on with my throwback photos, I have this small selection from Driven Edmonton 2009. I still had no idea what I was doing with a camera and the show was held inside the Mayfield Trade Center which had about as good lighting as the bottom of the ocean.

Despite the smaller venue, the show itself still featured plenty of cars with lambo doors, tons of exotics from Avant Garde Motorsports, and the incredibly talented Kaba Modern fresh off from America’s Best Dance Crew. This was especially special to me as I have been following Mike Song for a LONG time, way before the days of YouTube when he was still relatively unknown, performing at shows like Kollaboration on the same stage as David Elsewhere…

Anyways getting back to the show, I’ll comment on what I can like last time…

…starting off with this S14 which we saw from my previous throwback post, now with all its suspension on display.


Once upon a time I used to want to have a setup like this in my Eclipse…

Veilside 350Z with lambo doors.

More lambo doors!

Very clean 240SX coupe from Project Omega.

From the front.



Not sure whatever happened to this particular A70 Supra. It was with the Project Omega booth at the time and then I saw it with the Speedtech crew at Rev For Le Cure, but then never saw it again…

These days it’s easy to see everything posted up on social media, but back then it was the norm to display as many past awards as possible and sometimes even have a physical printed photo album showcasing the process of the build.

Shawn Hawley’s JZX90 Chaser.


There were plenty of lowriders at this show and that’s all I can say about them because I literally know nothing about them.




Rad’s FD3S RX-7, still looking perfect.


Another FD but this time featuring a Corvette LS1 swap and of course, lambo doors.

One of the more memorable moments from this show was when David took the MGM Murciélago LP640 and revved the piss out of it inside the trade center. My GOD did it sound absolutely nuts. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the car, but here’s one of a white Gallardo, also in the Avant Garde booth.

This Diablo was actually right next to the LP640…


Orrin before I knew him!

Rear shot of the RE Amemiya Super Greddy that we saw in the previous post.

David’s 650i in a long line of other luxury and exotics.

Like all other Driven Edmonton shows there was an area for bboy/bgirl battles.

Jeffery aka Poppin Fresh showing everyone how it’s done.


DC5AB crew.


Because of the terrible lighting combined with my lack of skill behind the camera at the time, this was the only shot that “turned out” from Kaba Modern’s performance at the show. I’m still extremely glad that I got to see KM6 perform live however as I truly believe that they were one of the best groups to ever compete in ABDC. Thankfully Mike and Tony have continued on with the world of dancing and you can still see them perform today as part of the Kinjaz.


Shadow Twinz taking center stage.


That’s all for now, but I still have one last throwback Driven post to share with you all in the near future!


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