Calgary Expo 2019

Hello and welcome to 2019 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! This event marks the beginning of the event season for me so let’s jump right into it with this giant Mario from the Nintendo booth…


…who also had this giant Switch for guests to try their hand at some Smash!


MSI was also on hand with a rather large dragon plush, but of course also had a selection of their latest and greatest wares for you to experience.

The hardware fest continued on in the OMEN by HP booth…

…where a full VR Beat Saber was setup for people to test their lightsaber skills.


Right next door was the DC Comics booth which featured some incredibly detailed vinyl figures.

I particularly enjoyed this Penguin figure by Joe Ledbetter.

At first glance you would assume that this booth full of dead bodies, severed limbs, and organs was for a haunted house or even special effects company. This is actually Alberta Ballet’s next show theme, “Frankenstein”, coming October 2019!



As always, SALUG coming out in full force with their extravagant LEGO displays.



This gave me a good chuckle.




Inside the Stampede Corral…

…for Catherine Tate’s panel!

Here’s something different: skull versions (or in Cubone’s case, just his mask) of your favourite characters by Squire Sword called Osteopolis.


William Miles was back with his amazing bronze casted figures. These are all incredibly detailed and are probably one of my favourite things to see at the expo.


Although not really comic related, Cobb’s Adventure Park brought out these tiny baby wallabies that you could pet!



Thought this neko-Mario tee was rather clever.



Mini Groot planters by Knick Nack Hobby Shack.

This is actually a toilet paper roll cover!




Unstable Unicorns.


Start off your day right with coffee from these amazing themed mugs!


I don’t remember the name of the booth but this bearded dragon seemed to be taking in the cosplay mood.

Crazy (and impressive) display from Aspen Crossing’s Train Of Terror. This lovely looking creation is actually suspended on a pulley –track system allowing it to move around rather easily.



Nuke Town Traders is definitely one of those vendors that you have to spend some time at so you can truly appreciate all the details.






This amazingly talented group has basically recreated a full on Fallout style trader booth, complete with pretty much everything: bottle caps, Institute and laser rifles, vault jumpsuits, turrets, bottle caps, stimpacks, jet, mentats, Nuka Cola, Thirst Zappers, and of course, power armor. Don’t think it’s all just for show and cosplay fun either, as this is a fully functioning booth that you can buy pretty much everything I just listed.




This group has expanded so much more since we first saw them at the Edmonton Expo. They even run all sales through their very own Fallout style terminal! Honestly amazing work and I look forward to continuing to see them in the future.

Some fancy tea tins disguised as some classic stories.

Even more delicious sounding teas inspired by your favourite pop culture!


Cereal themed Pop! figures.

Modulicious always has some cool creations on display but this Black Panther helmet really took the cake for me this year.


Wonderful laser engraved cutting boards by Hipster Lasers.

Bowtie created out of real LEGO by Abandoned Warehouse Crafts.

Sadly these nice and warm looking boots would’ve come in handy after our freak snowstorm on Saturday…

Rawry & Pohly are generally known for their derpy (but marvelous) paintings…


…but this year they had t-shirts! You could even choose which color shirt you wanted and then they would print it right there on the spot for you. Talk about fresh!


These next few photos show the wax seal stamping process that AtticRadiers use which starts off by melting the wax…

…and then carefully pouring the wax onto the desired area…

…and then finally pressing firmly down on the wax with the stamp.

This particular finished product that you see here is actually their business card which also doubles as a sample!




Although these may appear as just regular plushies, they are actually constructed out of memory foam and also double as stress balls!

Also while we’re at it, these things here were super stretchy.



Mario apron by Aria’s Apparel.






Katamari dress by Oddity Apparel.


Randy’s (@itsbirdy/Kings Must Rise) Rally Backer kitted and HKS supercharged FR-S.


Now THIS was innovative; these images you see here are by Projectfold, and as the name implies, are created by folding each page one at a time in these books. Damn.


For those who aren’t familiar, string and nail art is the process of creating an image using…well, string and nails. These ones seen here were created by Sabrina of Wish I Was Crafty and look absolutely superb!


I’ve always enjoyed these animal themed tableware by Salty Sea Dog Designs. Maybe I’ll have to bring some home one day…

That’s a wrap for this years show coverage but as always the cosplay coverage will be coming soon!


Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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