Greetings and welcome to what is apparently the annual hottest Sunday of the year, otherwise known as the ill.motion Sunday School. I don’t know how they do it, but every year since it’s inception this show has been blazing hot out (not a bad thing at all however considering that it is an outdoor show). I wasn’t able to make the show last year due to being out of town so I made sure to make the drive down this time around.

Situated right in the heart of downtown Calgary, Sunday School always brings out the best of the province while still maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Yes it is a car show, yes there are awards, and despite originally being an automotive blog so to say, this show isn’t powered by “likes” or “hashtags”; it’s powered by passion, something that seems to be lost these days. This is one of the reasons I love this show so much; I get to see so many people that truly love this scene, a lot of which I’m lucky enough to call my friends today. While we still have our preferences, we all still enjoy the scene whether it’s hanging out at shows, battling on the track, or just going for a good ol’ cruise. We love cars and that’s what brings us together (that and sushi and bubble tea).

Anyhow let’s get on with the show coverage.


Focus RS’ for days.


Mode Parfume LS430 on Weds Kranze Cerberus III’s from Ruthless Clique looking super gangster.



Pretty rare to see a stock R32 GT-R these days and that’s not a bad thing at all.

JZA80 Supra on Wedssport SA70’s.


Last time we saw this Suzuki Carry at Sunday School it was white, but it is now finished off in this amazing looking Tiffany blue like finish. Hands down one of my favourites from the show!



Tom made the trip out with his Integra all the way from California for the show. I still really dig the Super Advans on this chassis, definitely not a common combo!

Funky Garage bringing the 80’s back to life.


Incredibly clean Honda F22 powered AE86 Corolla coupe. It’s hard to see in the pictures but it even has carbon doors which is just too cool.



Woooster’s incredibly clean EK9 Civic Type R N1 Race Base that just went through a full restoration. I’ve been following this build on Instagram for a while and it’s come a very long way since it first arrived on Canadian soil. Good job sir.



Not everyday you see a Lincoln MKS on bags…



No idea what either of these old school trucks are but they were certainly looking rad.



JZX90 Mark II looking like it came straight out of the early 2000’s.

If I’m not mistaken this DC5 is from Edmonton…

JZX100 Cresta from Outlawz.

Crazy to see this CRX at the show. It is essentially in new showroom condition and apparently still owned by the original owner!



LS powered Rocket Bunny S13 on Work VS-KF’s.

Ridox JZA80 Supra.


Rocket Bunny FD3S on Work Meister M1’s.


Renault Clio V6 RS from Zen Autoworks.




Glad to see this FC on Super Advans is still rotary powered.

S14 from Drift Squad looking squeaky clean despite being drifted regularly.

Veilside Fortune Edition FD3S.



Lady Elvis’ Miata with a pretty neato heart shapped steering wheel.

Ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

Itasha liveried Impreza on Cosmis Racing XT206R’s.


Bill’s S15 coming along nicely.

Custom Decals ITR sporting a Gathers style livery.

Randy’s Aimgam X Rallybacker FR-S complete with lambo doors.

Gerick’s Rockey Bunny RC350.




Almost weird seeing an Evo with aero that’s not widebody. Looking good though!




One of my favourite shots of the day featuring Corey’s S2000 on CE28N’s, Ryan’s S2000 on MF10’s, and Barb’s S2000 on TE37’s.


Trung’s CTR on CE28SL’s in the Calgary Honda/Spec R/Yokohama Canada booth.


Kyle’s well used CTR.


Dai lo Kasem’s 991 GT3 on super ballin’ Advan Racing GT Center Locks. That blue looks SO GOOD with the factory green accents.

Chowfun’s 997 GT3 on TE37’s and a Voltex GT wing out back.

911 looking great on Advan TCIII’s and GT wing.




Trung’s Voltex kitted and HKS supercharged S2000 on Advan GT’s.

Jason’s CTR on Advan GT’s in the Yokohama Canada booth.

Joe’s CTR also in the Yokohama Canada booth.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen Brandon’s RSX since we all don’t track as much anymore. He’s still been slowly working on it however and now has J’s Racing fenders, a Mugen tow hook, and custom front splitter.



Jamie’s Spoon Sports themed EK9 on SW388’s with the spark plug cover signed by Mr. Spoon himself.


Eric’s 1JZ swapped S15 which was recently featured in Super Street!

LS swapped 240SX on Nismo LMGT4’s.




Christian’s old ITR now with a plethora of parts from Errol’s old ITR.


Giuseppe’s Vertex X Wise Square S15 on Gram Lights 57CR’s.

Incredibly clean K-swapped Civic with a First Molding lip and on gold CE28N’s.

Immaculate S30 on Watanabe’s from Lonely Driver Company.


Ryan’s MR2 is pretty much as good as it gets.

Interestingly enough, Ryan’s F355 Berlinetta is also as good as it gets and has also recently been featured in Super Street.


Varis Kamikaze R Super Sonic R35 GT-R on Advan GT’s.

Am I the only one who prefers Skyline sedans over their coupe vairants?

Javin made the drive down from Edmonton in his S30.


As if this FD wasn’t clean enough before, it now rocks a full Total Car Produce Magic kit and I think is the PERFECT example of a clean yet incredibly aggressive look. The kit mixed in with the Advan GT’s, the Ganador mirrors, the fixed headlights, and that refreshing teal paint just all go so well together.


The old Koncept Industries RB26 powered S13 sans intense livery.

Gabriel’s turbocharged Integra GS-R.

Hands down the most criminal looking car of Sunday School was this 750iL lowered on bags and rolling on rarely seen Work Emitz.


Trio of CTR’s from Legitsociety.

Connor’s K powered Honda Fit.



JZA80 Supra with a rarely seen TRD 3000GT widebody kit.


Carlo’s Varis kitted WRX.

Colin’s M3 taking a small break from track duty.

Kaiser’s 86 is still the only one I’m aware of rocking the TRD aero around here.

Another show favourite for me was this deep purple 240SX tucked away in the corner. It actually has a plethora of carbon parts around the car including carbon doors and is also lady owned and driven!

Finishing off my show coverage with this Sienna slammed on bags with Advan GT’s, because if you have to be a dad then you might as well do it with super JDM style!

This will also be my last time saying “until next year” as next years show is not only ill.motion’s 10th show, but also their last. I’m a little sad to hear the news but realistically it can really only continue on for so long. Since I’ve first attended this show it’s always been on my agenda to go every year as it always brings out not only plenty of quality builds, but also lots of variety and more importantly lots of fun. Everyone is just out to enjoy themselves and that’s exactly what I do every time. It will be missed, but there is still one final time to enjoy it. Until next year.


Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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