Edmonton Expo 2019

Hello and welcome to the seventh annual Edmonton Comics & Entertainment Expo, Edmonton’s largest convention of its kind! It’s always great to round out the summer months (if you can call it that this time around) with this event as there is always something for everyone here. This year’s event also featured special guests such as George Takei, Sean Astin, Veronica Taylor, and Wallace Shawn, just to name a few.

If you’ve just come in from the chilly outdoors, then grab yourself a comforting cup of hot chocolate as we’re about to dive into what the show had to offer this time around.

Also if you’re lying in bed and reading this, please hold on tight to your phone as dropping that on your face can be quite painful.


It may have taken 22 years, but Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokémon league!

Sadly I don’t remember the name of this booth but they had a plethora of custom and colorful lamps available.


A rather interesting looking Mega Man…


Custom themed cakes created by Teresa’s Custom Cakes.



Some insanely detailed and intricate diorama’s by Darren Havelock with each display featuring a mash-up of different elements of pop culture.

Sherlock Holmes lovers had a chance to win a pin from The Wisteria Lodgers – The Sherlock Holmes Society Of Edmonton by answering a skill testing question about everyone’s favourite detective!

DC themed soap bars by Ye Olde Soap Shoppe.




Visitors were able to relive the good old arcade days with these gaming cabinets from Retro Active Arcade.

Quite possible the largest PEZ dispenser I have ever seen…

That right there is a brand new and unopened original Game Boy.



Soft, vibrant, and delicious looking apparel by Noms Designs.

A Book On One Page is exactly what it sounds like: an entire story ttransformed into an imagine on a single page.


Now you can geek out while cooking dinner with these laser burned cutting boards by NitroGeek.



Some sophisticated and detailed glass terrariums by Pixie Glassworks.

Each one of these amazing aprons are actually handmade by Aria Apparel.



Some custom Pokémon terrariums by Evoloot.








NALUG never disappoints with their massive LEGO displays, especially with that giant USS Enterprise.


No, these are not cosplays; they are in fact some demos by a special effects company whose name I forgot to save. The name is in the background in the first photo however if any of you are able to make it out…




Edmonton based BioWare with some highly detailed figurines on display this year.



Who else is playing Gundam Battle: Gunplay Warfare?!




I’ve shown these R2-D2 planters by Modulicious on here before but they’re just too cool to not post again.






Quick alternative to cosplay!




Trevor Flick was out as always with his rather impressive paper toy creations.




Some HIGHLY detailed (and creepy) figures created by Travis Shewchuk of Ravenous EFX.

Rawry & Pohly with their derpy yet adorable creations.


Do your plants always seem to die? If so, then these crocheted Piranha Plants by Ohana Craft are just the thing for you!

Absolutely INSANE looking Shenron by Twyla April which is done on a single sheet of copper. Damn.

My assistant for the weekend was a little too afraid to go through the Rutherford Manor Haunt sample so I had to go at it myself…

The giant Snorlax from last year has moved from behind the counter to on the counter!




Porg themed dress by Oddity Apparel.










“I really like this derpy looking Charmander!” – My friend.

Incredibly detailed Iron Man by Tundra Designs.

That’s all for this year’s show folks but stay tuned for the cosplay post coming soon!


Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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