Tokyo Bebop

After spending the previous day in Odaiba, it was back to the city for me the next morning. By now Tina had left Tokyo so it was back to doing whatever I felt like. At this point I also realized that my trip would be soon coming to an end, so it would be best for me to start filling my remaining days and make the most of what little time I had left. After stopping by Yoshinoya for breakfast and realizing that I still cannot eat natto, I hopped onto a train, walked through Suzuran not realizing that it’s an actual place (Crows Zero), and then eventually made it to the famous TYPE ONE.


I’m sure many of you reading this are already familiar with TYPE ONE, but those who are not car people, TYPE ONE is the workshop of the legendary Honda tuning company, Spoon Sports.

The engine assembly room is actually next to the sidewalk so that you can take a peek into some of the more intricate work that goes into making these Honda’s roar.


On the main floor that day there was a customer’s DC2 Integra Type R as well as a CL7 Accord Euro R waiting to be picked up.

In the middle however was one of Spoon’s LHD NSX GT’s. For those that were around the scene back in 2009, you may remember hearing about these once upon a time.

The idea was to bring the NSX Type R to the United States as the Type R’s were originally only ever sold in Japan. USDM LHD NSX’s were converted to essentially “Type R Spec” using a plethora of Spoon Sports parts, although this one didn’t have the roof intake scoop.



One of Ichishima-san’s hobbies is old motorcycles so there were a few sitting around the shop.

After a quick chat with one of the mechanics, he told me that I should go upstairs to the showroom/workshop area…

…where there was much more to see!


At the time there was a CL7 Accord Euro R, S2000, and FD2 Civic Type R occupying the service bays.

This is the car elevator used to bring vehicles up to the second floor as well as the car storage mezzanine.

The Spoon Sports EK9 happened to be present that day so I spent quite a bit of time studying it.

It is now off the CR93’s and instead sporting a set of the newly re-released SW388’s in 15×8 +35, wrapped in 195/55R15 Bridgestone RE-11S.



A few exterior pieces have changed since this car has been on Speedhunters as well. The OEM bumpers have since replaced the WALKER JAPAN components, and Spoons very own mirrors have also replaced the EC Works Type-C pieces.


S600 Coupe sitting on the mezzanine.


A cutaway showing how the Rigid Collar helps keep your subframe perfectly aligned at all times.

Off to the side were various Spoon Sports parts on display.

More of the re-released SW388’s.



Orange Spoon caliper?


Spoon Sports valve cover in that iconic yellow finish.

A couple of C30A’s with the one on top sporting a TODA RACING Sports Injection kit.

Tucked away in the far back corner of the shop…

…was the Spoon Sports EG6, now also sporting a set of the new SW388’s.



A better look at the car storage mezzanine.


The old Super Taikyu S2000 which was flown to the States to compete in Global Time Attack in 2018.


Bumper wall featuring front bumpers from past Spoon race cars as well as current FK8’s.


One of my favourite cars there that day was this very clean example of a CL7 Accord Euro R on TC105’s. Perfectly daily/street/track material.

Right behind the EK9 is the now well-used visitor wall where visitors from all over the world would sign.

My good friend and Spoon fanatic Jamie has already left his mark in his “Spoon green” marker…

…so it was only fitting that I did the same!



After chatting with Ichishima-san for a bit, it was time for me to take my leave and say goodbye to TYPE ONE.

My next destination wasn’t too far away so I decided to walk since it was nice out. I also came across this random scooter with a burnt titanium exhaust. Ballin’.

Speaking of balling, one of Daigo Saito’s new Supra’s passed by on a flatbed! Super random.

As everyone probably knows by now, I am a huge Honda guy, so sorry/not sorry for all the Honda spam that you are about to see!

Not too far from TYPE ONE is another famous Honda tuning shop, Seeker.

Regular viewers of Best Motoring and Hot Version will surely be familiar with this name by now, but in case you’re not, Seeker has been specializing in Honda tuning since 2002 and also offers their own line of products as well.


That being said, their shop area is much smaller compared to TYPE ONE and has a much more “traditional” tuning shop feel to it.

The garage only has a single service bay!

Inside was this unbelievably wide ex-F1 RAYS wheel.

Seeker wide view mirrors.

Seeker steering wheel which was tempting to bring home with me…

The Seeker FD2 which has made numerous appearances in Best Motoring and Hot Version volumes.

My third stop of the day is yet another Honda specialist; welcome to FEEL’S Honda TwinCam!



First thing (and only thing) that greeted me was their FD2 demo car which looks absolutely insane.

Yes you read that correctly; there was NO ONE present during my short visit, yet the garage was wide open. For the most part things are just that safe in Japan, and even parcels and packages to be sent out are just left outside on sidewalks for delivery companies to pick up. That being said, I couldn’t really ask anyone if it was okay for me to walk around the shop and take pictures, but from what I’ve seen the FEEL’S group are a friendly bunch so I didn’t think anyone would mind…


Right behind the FD2 demo car is their turbocharged Fit.



On the other side of the shop was an absolutely slammed EG Civic rocking a full Pandem widebody kit.

Pretty wild in terms of styling and very reminiscent of the early 2000’s “sport compact” era.

A CRX that looks like it’s seen better days…

A tiny little Honda Today kei car sitting quietly off to the side.

One more of the FD2.

Outside was a bunch of tsunagi’s (overalls) hanging out to dry.

I would’ve LOVED to bring this home, but again, no one around for me to ask…

A customer’s EP3 Civic Type R sitting outside waiting to be picked up.

After FEEL’S I got lost trying to take the right bus to my next stop and ended up just walking most of the way instead. Eventually I wound up at yet another Up Garage, still in search of more stuff that I absolutely did not need to buy.

Given that Up Garage specializes in second hand parts, every locations stock will vary.


Always wanted a set of polished Work Emotions for my old Eclipse…


Rare old set of 4×100 CE28’s which would’ve been perfect for my Integra.

This particular location also carries a selection of motorcycle goods from riding gear…


…and even suspension.






Ritmo/Route KS LECHARS front bumper for NSX.







I used to see SARD wings all the time before Voltex took over the world…


After Up Garage I headed over to the ultra-prestigious Bingo Sports but unfortunately their showroom had been cleared out for the Apollo IE reveal event. They actually invited me to attend the event the next day but sadly I completely forgot about it…

Thankfully my good friend Peter (The Real Wheel Deal) had mentioned to me before that the Pagani Tokyo dealership was close by Bingo Sports, so off I went!


Quite the contrast from the Honda’s that I’ve been looking at all day…

In the showroom that night was THE Zonda ZoZo owned by ZozoTown CEO Yusaku Maezawa (that’s right, this is the ONLY Zonda in the world of this specification!) and a Huayra BC, both of which look absolutely stunning.

By the way, the main table is made entirely of carbon fiber…

…as are the shelves that house some of the different interior options…

…and even the center tiles in the floor are carbon. Damn.




For my non-car friends who aren’t familiar with Pagani, they are basically one of the most extremely car manufactures around, and just these two models here have a combined value of approximately $5,000,000+USD.


Just look at that beautiful blue carbon body. Holy.



Pagani Japan would later have an event at Suzuka Circuit the following week but sadly I would already be back in Canada by that time…

Some of the stitching options available for the interiors of your new hypercar.

Can’t get enough of this purple…

One last shot of the Huayra BC before I sadly left for the night. Not like I could afford one of these anyways…

Later that night I was on the way to a non-car related destination which I will show in another post, but I did come across a couple fancy dealers along the way.

Auto Direct specializes in Aston Martins and classic cars, such as this pristine Lancia Flaminia GT Touring 3C…

…and oh my gosh, this gorgeous Porsche 356 sitting right next to it.



Finishing off this post with a few shots from LIBERALA , yet another exotic dealer just down the block from Auto Direct with quite the impress showroom. Just from what I could see was a McLaren MP4-12C, 650S Spyder, Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and that beautiful McLaren Mercedes SLR Roadster sitting on the hoist.

This wraps up everything car related that I have from Japan, but I still have one last post coming soon to finish off this amazing trip. We’re almost at the end!


Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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