Break It Down

_DSC6349 A long time ago there used to be an event by the name of Sport Compact Challenge, or simply SCC for short. For local enthusiasts, it contained a bit of everything; car show, drag racing, drifting, and even autocross. This event truly had it all. Since then, most events have been divided into their respective categories, and the scene for the most part is split. Very rarely do you have track people going to car shows and vice versa, so it is a bit refreshing to see events like Tunerbash appear which offer a taste of both show and go for everyone.

This time around the name of the game was drag racing down Castrol Raceway’s quarter mile strip. What usually is fairly straight forward turned into Drag Racing For Dummies for most participants. Still, it is nice to at least see people trying out motorsports for the first time, the action wasn’t overall wasn’t bad at all. For participants that were newcomers to drag racing however, I would like to kindly suggest reviewing how staging works, the Christmas tree, the water box, launching an AWD car (again), what wheel spin is, and the difference between just making a pass vs. head-to-head drag racing.

The weather sucked so I didn’t take too many photos, but it was still nice to be out at Castrol again and also say hi to some of the Track Junkies folk that were running there earlier that day.


_DSC6053 Cale doing a couple passes in his supercharged FR-S, beating out some STI’s in the process.




_DSC6070 A rather unusual sight, but Matt did also make a couple passes in the Corolla that day as well.




_DSC6134 Adam “I have a boost leak” Johma returning to the pit area after running a 13.35 pass.




_DSC6146 Midtown’s turbo CRX was a surprise entry for me. This thing is quick!



_DSC6160 Trung’s new NSX seems to do it all and even pulled off an 11.3 pass during the day.


_DSC6163 From what I heard, this BMW is powered by an LS3 making about 700HP to the wheels which is nutty. It would end up taking second place for the day.




_DSC6181 Jesse from Speedtech’s K24 powered 911 also made some passes that day and sounded quite good doing it.

_DSC6184 It should come as no surprize by now but I was helping out the RA Motorsports team for the day.



_DSC6188 Cale’s Cappuccino parked next to the SMRT Tent Tundra making it look extra tiny.

_DSC6189 Adam “I can’ find my boost leak” Johma’s 350Z parked off to the side.

_DSC6191 Colin from Motorsports Supplies brought out both the FF2000 and Porsche GT3 Cup Car for everyone to ogle and even sit in!


_DSC6194 Some of people running with Track Junkies earlier that day made their way over after the track day was over, such as Derrick with his Miata which is now sporting some new aero additions.


_DSC6197 First Gear was on hand with a row of boxer-powered cars as well as some shiny JDM products on display.

_DSC6199 Not every day you see a slammed shopping cart…



_DSC6202 Berry’s FR-S making the rounds as always.




_DSC6208 The rest of the Speedtech crew looking sharp as usual.


_DSC6211 The Blue Line Racing Challenger gave everyone a chance to race against the police once again, but would end up destroying everyone and taking home top honors.












_DSC6251 Honda vs. Honda showdown. These two were fast!


_DSC6262 The AFR Autoworks GC8 making 865WHP at 42PSI was running 10’s all day and was definitely a favourite to win the event. Sadly it would suffer from what appeared to be transmission issues during the semifinals and retired for the day.

_DSC6266 The Blue Line Racing Challenger demonstrating some tire wrinkle on launch.

_DSC6270 The AFR GC8 lighting up all four of its tires in the water box.



_DSC6290 After the drag racing top 16 concluded, a burnout contest was held back on the strip.

_DSC6300 This little Nissan D21 was truly the underdog that could and would end up winning the burnout contest, followed by doing another giant burnout afterwards until the tires popped. Bravo sir!




_DSC6360 Adam “I don’t need water to do a burnout” Johma using water to do a burnout.

_DSC6364 Jesse even took Amanda’s DR30 Skyline to have some fun. Definitely not the usual car we see doing this sort of thing!



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