Free Form

_DSC8651 Last year I decided to take a break from tracking due to a certain virus floating around, but during that time I was still slowly collecting parts for my Integra as I anticipated returning this year. Last time I was out in 2019 I was able to clock a new PB of 1:36.449. I was rather pleased by this considering that my car is still non-VTEC, retains a full-ish interior, and even still has all creature comforts (AC, PS, PDL, stereo). As all you racers know however, driving a car at its limit will bring out its weak points, thus various parts were collected and installed over the past year to address various concerns and tighten up the car a bit.

In the end I wasn’t able to best my PB at the most recent Track Junkies event, however I do firmly believe that we’ve made a step in the right direction as the car feels crisper, and more importantly, more consistent (especially the brakes for those who know I’ve been battling brake issues for years now). I will also go ahead and admit that I did a rookie mistake by entering turn seven too quickly, adding a dab of brakes mid-entry to slow the car down (do NOT do this), and completely overcorrected and 180’ing myself right off the track. While both dangerous and scary, going off/spinning out is all part of the learning process. After all, how can you know where the limit truly is until you exceed it?

All in all, it was still a great event especially with the TJ team running an open pit lane format for the entire day. I’d like to give thanks thanks to both Charlie and Kae from XS Company for giving me some ride-alongs as well as discussing possible future plans for the Integra, Trung for letting Kae give me said ride-along in his car, Larry for also giving me a ride in his incredibly perfect S2000, Kristian from Battlecraft for always answering any questions I have as well as providing parts, Matthew and Cale from RA Motorsports and Ray for always helping me work on the car, Sarah for all the help with designs, and my sister Priscilla for all the vinyl work help

Until next time.













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