Top Chef Kazu.

A good friend of mine and chef (Jason Shukuda) is applying for Top Chef Canada, as well as entering other various cooking competions. In preperation for this, he decided to host a “Black Box” cooking night for his friends back home.

“Black Box” refers to having someone choose certain ingredients for the chefs to incorporate into their dishes for an event.

For this event, all the guests were split into different groups with each group chosing various ingredients for a different course. All ingredients were of course kept a secret from Jason until the day of the event, challenging both his creativity and skill.

First Course.
Fresh foie gras, croutons, jalapeño jelly.

Second Course.
Pan seared scallops, spicy miso dressing, foie butter, goat cheese, balsamic reduction, roasted pistachio & pine nuts.

Third Course.
Fresh live lobster, fresh coconut, Japanese 7-spice aioli, roasted pine nuts.

Fourth Course.
Braised pigs feet, sauteed gobo root, red wine Veal Jus, Hpnotiq reduction.

Fifth Course.
Ginger chocolate brownie, icing sugar whipped cream, Jasmine tea sauce, shiitake mushroom dust.

Sixth Course.
Fresh durian, freshly minted greek yogurt, whipped brie cheese.


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