780Tuners Third Annual Honda Meet


With so many different options in the tuning world today, chances are, you’ll find something that suites your tastes. Whether it be drift or grip, show car or race car, there’s always something for somebody.


Once a year, a few of the guys and gals of 780Tuners get together for one particular gathering that happens once a year – the Annual 780Tuners Honda Meet.


Hondas are pretty much a staple of the tuning industry. Rich in history with racing, it only makes sense. Known for their high revving and responsive engines, as well as great handling chassis, it’s no wonder why they’re so popular in the racing community.


Not everyone decides to tune the rev happy engines naturally aspirated for long however. This particular EJ2 Civic was sporting a boosted LS/VTEC B18B1 under the hood, pushing just shy of 400WHP!


A very clean RSX dumped on chrome Enkei RPF1’s…


…with the “burning blue” lug nuts and valve stem cap adding a very simple but nice touch.


Even though the meet was filled with mostly cars, there were also a few other Honda’s on two wheels present as well.


The Honda Ruckus has been immensely popular with the Honda crowd. It’s amazing how much fun you can have on these little scooters!


Blackout Auto Tinting was also present with their full tuned RSX. Looks more like a race car than a street car with all the decals on the side.


The Integra Type R has been hailed as one of the best handling FWD car in the world, with this particular one sporting quite a few JDM goodies.


The heart of the Integra Type R, the B18C, was one of the most popular choices for Honda enthusiasts when it came to engine swaps. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s however…


…that it would be replaced by the introduction of the new K-Series engine by Honda, proving to be much more capable than its predecessor, and has been used by many with great success.


Without a doubt, the highlight of the day was the arrival of James Chan with his K20A swapped Civic.


James has been tuning Honda’s for years and is known locally as the “Honda King”. His current Civic has been built with functionality in mind as James does take the car to the track.


I won’t go too far into detail with this car at the moment as I am planning to hopefully do a full feature of this car in the future. By then James has even more plans for it!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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