Kinesis: Edmonton Choreographers Ball 2012


Kinesis is a non-profit organization based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Taken from their Facebook page, their goal is “to advance and unite the local dance community through inspired initiatives”.


Every year they host an annual showcase – Kinesis: Edmonton Choreographers Ball – displaying the many talents of dancers from all over.


The annual showcase is also actually a benefit concert. Kinesis helps raise money for various charities, proudly supporting the Canadian Cancer Society for 2012.


This is also a great opportunity for all the different dancers to work and collaborate with each other, mixing each individual dancers unique and original style, while all still being able to come together and deliver a performance that the night’s been waiting for.


Sara Meng, winner of the “Choreographer Of The Year Award” from Artists Emerge 2012 (along with Vincer Oller), was one of the featured choreographers of the show. Besides performing with Next Gen Company, this was actually the first time I had seen her perform a solo on stage!


One of the highlights of the show that everyone always looks forward is the freestyle b-boy battles.


Unlike last year, which featured 1-on-1 battles, this year featured teams of two.


One at a time, each b-boy took to the stage to show what they’re made of. One thing I absolutely love about b-boy battles is the on the spot improvising, feeding off of your opponents energy, as well as the crowds!


Each set had a very unique style, differentiating themselves from the other performances on hand.


Many of the dancers however were actually performing more than once that night, quickly getting ready for their next set behind stage inbetween performances!


However the night wasn’t just full of hip hop and b-boys. Jake Cox and Jordyn Callies performed a contemporary routine that left everyone speechless that night.


Kinesis has grown so much in such a small amount of time, it’s without a doubt that they’re here to stay. With so much talent at their annual showcase, I can’t see what next year has to offer!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

Kinesis on FaceBook.

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