Little Hearts Big Dreams Third Annual Benefit Concert – Setup


The little♥sbigdreams organization started off with a single benefit concert three years ago. Since then they have raised over $20,000 for the Stollery Children’s Hospital and has become one of the biggest benefit concerts in the Edmonton area.


With a lineup consisting of many very talented artists, there’s quite a bit to see at one of their annual benefit concerts.


This year the concert would be help at the Jubilee Auditorium, one of the largest venues that Edmonton has to offer.


Given that I haven’t been to the Jubiless in quite some time, I took the opportunity to explore a little bit.


The place is huge with tons of seating available on multiple levels, and unlike most other venues in the Edmonton area, the Jubilee offers many change rooms in the back, allowing the performers to get their own individual rooms to prepare as well as practice before the show.


It’s also where a lot of last minute work and preparation is done. The t-shirts and sweaters that were on sale that day actually didn’t arrive until a few hours before the show!


We were actually running behind schedule by quite a bit, with preparations for tech run running behind by half an hour, and with the actual tech run behind by a full hour.


Once things started rolling however, things were a little less hectic.


The important thing with tech runs is to make sure everything is running properly as it should be for when the show starts. This means checking audio levels of individual microphones for each performer, timing of lights, type of lights, making sure the audio provided by each group actually works, and much much more.


When not busy with tech runs, most performers and groups were either practicing in their own change rooms…


…or just generally enjoying themselves. In this case, serenading one another.


With show time quickly arriving, it was time for everyone to have a quick bite to eat a relax a bit from the days madness.


When given bulgogi and subs, make bulgogi subs!


Hanging around the venue for hours before the show starts can have its toll on some people, such as Ly Dao who decided to climb into a drying machine…I do not recommend doing this, like, ever.


With a final speech from the event organizers, it was time to hit the stage! Stay tuned for part two!


Part TWO of LHBD3.

Part THREE of LHBD3.

LHBD3 Pre-Show Shoot.

Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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