A Visit To The Calgary Zoo

The next day after the Driven auto show, me and a few friends decided to spend some time at the Calgary Zoo!

Now I’ve been to the Calgary Zoo many times before, but I have yet to visit the Penguin Plunge section that was installed a couple years ago, but we’ll get to that later.

I can’t help but think how these little guys resemble a certain Street Fighter character…

A lazy looking sloth just hanging upside down.

A condor giving me the death stare.

Who remembers the days when West Edmonton Mall had flamingos?!

A neat thing about the Calgary Zoo is that they have peacocks freely roaming throughout the zoo grounds.

There’s a good chance you’ll get to come right up to one of these beautiful birds here!

Just looking at them, I would have never imagined that mountain goats can climb so high.

Over in the Canadian Wilds section of the zoo, there is an area where you can go into an enclosed area with owls!

Of course the owls are free to roam in this area, and one actually flew literally just above me and a friends head! It was so close that we felt the air from the owls wings!

I’ve always wanted to watch the elephants kick that gigantic concrete ball around, but they never do.

While this tiger was relaxing in the warm summer air…

…the rest of his fellow companions were rather quite active!

Maybe a little too active…

In fact I’ve actually never seen them so playful with each other before.

Of course the real reason I was there was for the penguins!

I just wish I could take one of them home!

This one was looking pretty relaxed.

I’m not entirely sure what these two were doing…

This one stood in this position for the entire time. Everyone there had their cameras ready and was just waiting for him to jump into the water, but it never happened!

From January – March, the zoo does what’s called “Penguin Walks” where you can meet some of the king penguins up close! I think I will have to come back for that sometime!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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