Priscilla Chua – Ms. Marvel & Harley Quinn Cosplay

Before heading back to our hotel after the Calgary Expo, my sister and I decided to do a mini photoshoot of a couple of her cosplays. To help give a little more insight on the cosplays, my sister, Priscilla Chua, will actually be co-blogging with me this time!

BC: One challenge with such a sudden photoshoot was finding locations. In the end, we decided to use the surrounding area by the hotel, partially due to convenience but also because of time constraints.

PC: What’s nice about being in another city dressed up as a superhero was that there was no one to recognize me. So I could completely make a fool out of myself and no one would ever know it was me! Until this blog of course …

BC: It’s hard to go around town unnoticed when dressed up as a super hero. Needless to say, we caught the attention of just about everyone in the area. I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one taking pictures!

PC: The most quizzical looks I received were when Brandon would be several meters away, hidden in shadows as he took photos and it just looked like I was jumping around all on my own!

BC: To be honest, I was exhausted after walking around all day at Comic Con. Going back to the hotel just to take more pictures was probably the last thing on my mind, but the second I started shooting again, I forgot all about that!

PC: It was a challenge to walk and hop because I had been wearing these 3 inch wedge shoes for a good 7 hours. But I started having a pretty good time and soon forgot about the pain in my poor tootsies!

BC: Harley Quinn is definitely my favourite of all the cosplays my sister has done so far. This one was done just in time for the Edmonton Expo last year!

PC: I had brought my Harley Quinn costume as a backup, just in case. It’s a good thing I did because I could really make an absolute fool out of myself and it was all right! Because I’m Harley Quinn!

BC: At first I didn’t know that she had brought this outfit along with us to Calgary. I’m glad she did though as I photographed this outfit outside of the Edmonton Expo.

PC: It was pure relief because this costume had flat boots! And I didn’t feel as exposed as I did with the Ms Marvel. That one had a little too much ‘cheek’ hanging out!

BC: Now Harley Quinn is known for being a little deranged, but personally I preferred the more “serious” look for the majority of the photos I shot that day.

PC: Why so serious?! I tried to do some more devilish poses but I had so much energy that day. I real couldn’t contain myself for long!

BC: On the other hand…

PC: See? The crazy in me really needed out! The gentleman behind me asked me as nicely as he could what I was. I told him… but knew he had absolutely no idea what was up with me.

BC: I can’t reveal what my sister and her friends have in mind for their next cosplay, but I’m looking forward to the final product. All I can say is that all you online gamers will love it!

PC: Harley Quinn and Ms. Marvel are definitely two of the best cosplays I’ve done thus far! Come next expo, I’ll bust them out once more and maybe pull some pranks …


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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