Driftwest Round 3 – Competition

Following the main practice session, it was time for a quick break in the pits at the Driftwest Professional Championship series.

This gives the drivers and teams a chance to make any last adjustments to their cars before the main competition starts.

It also gives fans and spectators the chance to take a look at some of their favourite drift cars up close…

…and see them in much greater detail.

It wasn’t long though before the main event got underway!

Each driver will get one last practice run before they have two chances at qualifying. If they quality, they will then be put into the tandem runs and from there, battle their way onto the podium.

This started off hot for qualifying as this AE86 did his practice run fairly conservatively…

…only to lay it all down for his first qualifying run!

The Mango was expected to do well and indeed he did, as he was able to qualify for the tandem runs.

Not everyone was running as strong however…

… as the Grande Tire team seemed to be having some issues with their FD and wasn’t able to proceed.

The Boss Imports Chaser also seemed to be having issues as he spun out on both his qualifying runs, ending any chances of moving on.

Drift Farm didn’t seem fazed one bit by their trip to the gravel trap that morning and were able to put down a good qualifying run, securing them a spot in the tandem runs.

Both Chad Sagger and his teammate Normand Burwash were also make it into the days main event.

As expected, Andrew Moschuk of Team AMR/Yokohama Canada moved onto the next round as well.

After a quick introduction of the drivers making it onto the next round, it was time to get on with the tandem runs!

But not before some quick burnouts and donuts to get the crowd hyped up first! Devin Horsley seen here doing his trademark “Rodeo Drift”.

On the first matchup of the day, Shawn Hawley got a little too wide, almost dropping his rear wheels into the gravel. His opponent, Normand Burwash, ended up straightening out while trying to take advantage of the situation, and ultimately, handed the win over the Hawley.

The next match was full of action as Andrew Moschuk got a little too hot while trying to run from Jon Schildwachter, ripping off his rear bumper in the process.

While in an attempt to even out the score…

…Moschuk went in a little too fast…

…and ended his day in the gravel trap.

The next match was full of drama as well…

…as Paul Harrison got a little too much angle on his lead run…

…resulting in a bit of a collision, as Matt Murphy in the Drift Farm Mustang was unable to avoid the poor Corolla.

While the Mustang didn’t suffer any major damage, the little Corolla did and was unable to continue.

Chad Simpson was doing a good job on his lead run against…

…this turbocharged AE86 Coupe, who was unable to catch up to Simpson.

This R32 Skyline also wasn’t able to catch up to Chad Sagger and almost ended up in the gravel.

Travis Clark chasing down the red S13 of Louren Sansregret on the main straight. Travis would end up advancing into the next round.

After his friend tandem run, Shawn Hawley would actually end up breaking his rear axle and needed a replacement ASAP. Amazingly, his team was able to borrow one from the Boss Imports JZX100 and make it just in time for Hawley’s next run against Aaron Day.

In the end, the lighter LS powered S13 of Aaron Day would move on. Amazing effort and teamwork by Team Clarion/Certified Radio!

Louren Sansregret was pushing hard against Travis Clark, but it wasn’t enough to take down the only convertible on the grid.

Clark would also go on to take down the might V8 Hachi of Devin Horsley.

Team ACC Drift was still in the running with Chad Simpson trying his best to run away from Chad Sager, but to no prevail.

As a result, Chad Sager would end up meeting Travis Clark in the semi-finals, with Clark edging out Sager and advancing on.

Matt Murphy didn’t seem to be having an easy day at all. On his first practice run he ended up in the gravel trap, and then on his frist tandem run he came in contact with another car.

That crash didn’t seem to have any effect however as he continued to move on after defeating Jon Schildwachter…

…but ultimately tasted defeat as Aaron Day would not only shut him down, but move onto the finals as well, where he would do battle with Travis Clark of Presidential Drift.

It wasn’t all over for Murphy though, as he had one last battle with Chad Sager for the last spot on the podium. Despite his strong runs all day…

…Sager was able to pass Murphy as he pushed his Mustang a little too far this time around, and thus taking third place!

The finals would see two very different S-Chassis matched up together. SR20 vs LS, Onevia vs. Silvia, couple vs. convertible!

While Travis Clark was able to stay fairly close to Aaron Day, his angle was considerably more shallow.

The second run was no different, with Travis even going a little wide on the main corner exit.

Congratulations to Aaron Day of Team ACC Drift for his second consecutive win this season!


Part ONE of Driftwest Round 3.

Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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