20 Years Of Anime – Animethon 20

Despite a late night drive followed by an early morning start, I found myself full of energy at the Grant MacEwan College for yet another year of Animethon!

I actually haven’t attended Animethon for a couple of years now, so what better time to return than their 20th anniversary?

As usual, Animethon features a number of different activities, from a marketplace, gaming competitions, anime screenings, and the Artists Alley, just to name a few.

And of course, how could we forget the cosplayers? First time I’ve seen a Vega cosplay!

Infact, this year Animethon hit a record number of attendees with over 8,000 people having attended over the weekend!

Although I’m used to seeing all different types of cosplayers, it was a little weird watching this guy walk around for some reason.

Thank goodness cupcakes don’t actually make faces like this before you eat them, otherwise I’d probably have a hard time trying to, well, eat them.

How many of you watch Adventure Time?!

Now this is old school.

Once again there were custom Lego Mini Figures, but this time there were even jumbo versions based on the Lego alarm clocks!

So how many of you actually knew how to pronounce Deadmau5 properly at first?

A very accurate replica of Lego’s very own Mr. Gold.

I thought this Tony Stark diorama was pretty cool!

The Walking Dead collection.

Christmas Vader anyone?

It’s the Kernel!

Gundams! Gundams everywhere!

Not exactly sure what these little figurines were…

…nor this mechanical looking shark, but I thought they looked pretty cool!

The collaboration by Marvel, tokidoki, and Kidrobot has been extremely popular lately, with “chibi” versions of our favourite super heroes being found all over!

Pedobear seemed to be in a rather good mood that day.

I actually miss the days where there were only 151 Pokemon.

Tuxedo Sam!

I’ve always liked these little mantou’s (steamed bun) but never really did figure out where these particular ones come from.

Be careful what you wish for.

Deadpool cosplays are still as popular as ever.

I can’t imagine how I would feel if I saw him anywhere else but an anime convention.

Handmade works always seem to be very creative and well done, such as these crocheted Poke Balls…

…to these cute little tako…

…to these happy looking “cube kittnes”!

Now THAT’S cool.

Probably some of the coolest Lite-Brite creations I’ve seen.

Being a League Of Legends player myself, it’s great to see a rise in LOL cosplays all over. This Teemo wasn’t looking too bad herself!

I’ve always wondered how people eat anything with a mask plastered onto their face.

While we do see a number of both new and old Joker cosplays, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “Nurse Joker” cosplay until now!

Loving the mix of this group with Princess Mononoke and Anbu. To be honest though I have no idea who the person in the middle is!

Black Heart from Ghost Rider looking fierce.

Can’t believe that this is already 25 years old!

My sister and her group were also there to cosplay, this time as Black Rock Shooter, Strength, and Dead Master. Keep an eye out for an upcoming spotlight of my sisters Black Rock Shooter cosplay!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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