Imagination Is Everything

I think anyone can appreciate a good view any day. You know how it is, there’s an incredibly good looking guy or girl on a beautiful summer afternoon and you can’t help but stare and all that comes to mind is “damn”.

Quite was the case at this years Calgary Expo, but not for the same reasons as above.

Rather what I was gazing upon that day was the sheer amount of effort put into a lot of the cosplays at this years Calgary Expo!

There’s always a huge amount of cosplayers and this year proved to be no different, so let’s jump right into it.

One of many very impressive Master Chief’s that day, this one had fully function lights!

This one also looked great and was carrying the shotgun, which was not fully functional of course.

Hell yes I love the nurses!

This Elsa was looking really good, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she had anything to do with the snow that day…

…I mean look at it outside, this is not summer weather! Oh there was also a giant Emmet and Wyldstyle/Lucy.

You can just barely see the snow that I’m referring to in this pic. Trust me it was a lot worse in person!

Having not appropriately dressed for the weather, I soon headed back inside.

With the release of the second Amazing Spiderman movie, I’m already anticipating who the third and final villain will be in the last film!

First time I’ve ever seen a Bowser cosplay. That gigantic spiked shell appeared to make things quite a challenge when walking around the crowded halls of the expo.

Another first time cosplay I’ve seen was Daft Punk!

This duo even had beats blasting from their outfits as they went along. Too awesome.

I hate these things.

An awesome Disney group!

I honestly have no idea what was going on here, but it’s not every day you see Batman and Spidey together.

Like I said in the first post from the Expo, the popularity of League of Legends has grown an enormous amount in just the past year.

There was quite a few LoL cosplays as well such as this Garen, Katarina, and Jinx!

Not exactly a cosplay, but this girl had a fully crocheted Teemo hat!

I even found this lonely Lulu wandering around by herself too.

Next thing you know, we also came across and Ahri! Incase you don’t recognize the Caitlyn and Miss Fortune, they are of course my sister Priscilla and her good friend Jessica, both of which we’ve seen cosplaying before at Animethon and both Calgary and Edmonton Expos!

We were later joined by a few other friends of mine, one of which is Mandee Cosplay!

We brought the craziness from Edmonton, but I promise we didn’t bring the weather!

Now THIS would be epic to see.

Instead of buying the usual large and somewhat pricey Portal Gun, this lady actually built her own!

Some of you may have seen this preview photo of No-Face on my FaceBook page. Pretty neat right?

Sometimes it can be pretty weird asking someone to take their photo when you can’t see them as well as when they can’t really tal-OH GOD IT OPENS!

There was a lot of Jedi’s this year and while their outfits are generally fairly tame, it’s their lightsabers that do it for me.

It may not be very obvious upon first glance, but some of these lightsabers are the real deal and not just your average toys. Ok, they’re obviously not the REAL deal, but what I mean is that they are made with extremely durable materials and can fully customized as well as used for Kendo practice!

Yes that’s right, some of these lightsabers are designed to take a beating and you can switch out and replace parts as needed. Way too cool, and not to mention expensive. One guy we ran into spent upwards of $1000 creating an exact replica of Han Solo’s lightsaber!

Some of you may recognize this Lomi Plo as the same girl who did Hexadecimal at the Edmonton Expo a couple years ago! Actually come to think of it, I don’t think anyone could’ve recognized her…

Most people who cosplay generally drive to the expo with lots of spare supplies and a change of clothes in their car, just incase. This particular Shadow Link however was found around town taking public transport! Imagine seeing this getting on your bus.

I’ll admit when I say I don’t know what this is, but it was HUGE!

Go Go Power Range-er, Red Ranger! Pretty sure none of the Red Rangers had a lightsaber though.

That’s one way to cover your face for a photo.

Check out the heels on that Harley Quinn!

Like how do you even walk on those?!

It was great to see an entire family out enjoying the expo together to the fullest!

It was great to see an Aquaman and Aquawoman out together as well, as these two generally don’t get that much attention. Just take a look at the South Park adaptation of Aquaman for example!

No idea what this is, but it took the owner three months to build and looks incredible!

This guy looked pretty mean, but I have a feeling that he didn’t look anything like that once he stepped outside into the chilly wind.

Quite the contraption on this gentleman’s back. These wooden wings are able to extend out as well!

Never has Umbrella Corporation looked so badass before.

Oh my gosh it’s Tuxedo Mask and Moonlight Knight!

Now here’s something different, this guy painted himself in a 3D pattern that was fully visible using traditional red and blue 3D glasses! Totally awesome.

I still have one more post from the Calgary Expo on the way except it’s not a final walk around like usual. Instead, we went to the Middle Earth EXPOsed and Doctor Who panels featuring some of your favourite actors, so stay tuned!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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