Alright everyone, we know the drill by now.

You go out for food, you order fancy things to eat (even if it is just noodles)…

…followed by some cavity-inducing deserts…

…but before all else, you need to take a picture of it!

I am no exception to the stereotype, only this time I was carrying a gigantic brick of a camera rather than just snapping away with my cell phone.

There’s no questioning it, Vancouver offers a large variety of some pretty amazing restaurants. Our first stop is Hida Takayama Ramen, a place that is well hidden inside the Robson Public Market.

We happen to stumble upon this place while searching for something to snack on, so we didn’t end up getting their ramen, of which their noodles are 100% made in house!

Like I said we were just searching for a snack, for we grabbed some juicy gyozas and were on our way again.

I’ve eaten dim sum all my life but have never seen pigeon on the menu before.

Can’t have your dim sum without dan tat (Chinese egg tarts)!

I was once again over at Northern Meixi Fast Food inside Crystal Mall, ordering some of my favourite hand-made noodles!

This would be perfect for a rainy day, of which there is lots of in the Vancouver area.

Because we’ve seen it before, I won’t go too much into my Katsu Curry from Saboten…

…but I will say that I actually meant to order a Loin Katsu-Don instead. Sadly I didn’t realize my mistake until it was too late.

I did however get my order right at Tempan Kitchen which might I add is extremely tasty!

Of course I couldn’t make a post about food without including sushi!

Our booth over at Sushi Mori in Langley happen to offer the perfect amount of natural lighting which ended up working pretty well for food photos.

I absolutely love it when the fish completely overwhelms the rice in a single piece of nigiri sushi.

Of course we also ordered ice cream to finish off with, but what we ended up getting was essentially a sushi boat sized bowl of ice cream! We were certainly not expecting that.

FINALLY I’m having some seafood by the harbor in Granville Island!

I also got to check off something on my to-do list: hand feed a seagull.

Note: Please do not feed the seagulls!

The Richmond Night Market seemed to have even more food vendors compared to last year, but I’m sure nobody was complaining.

If anything, people buy more food there than they do anything else.

There was one food vendor in particular that caught my eye, and that’s because they were making dragon beard candy!

They even had a couple flavors to choose from in additional to the original: strawberry and ginger!

These DuoCanes and IceCanes seemed to be a bit hit at the night market…

…even if it does have a slightly questionable appearance.

As with my food, I always save the best for last, this time being Zakkushi on Main!

Even if I didn’t know what kind of food this place served, I’d probably be able to guess fairly quickly from the décor of the place.

We were at Zakkushi on Denman last year, and for those that don’t remember, this isn’t your usual Japanese restaurant.
Their specialty is yakitori, aka Japanese skewers. Oishii!

These are not your usual skewers as you can order things such as unagi (BBQ eel), lamb chops, chicken heart, and asparagus wrapped in pork, just to name a few.

It’s also probably safe to say that you won’t find an entire tiny fish on a stick to eat just like that at most other places. This was honestly probably the most fishy tasting thing I’ve ever had, no pun intended.

Don’t worry though, if that’s not your thing then they still have lots of other options on the menu…

…such as Kobe beef skewers (except this was only available in limited quantities at the time)!

Oh and in case you are wondering what that wooden cup looking thing in the middle of the table is, it’s for all the skewer sticks for when you’re done. As you can see we ate a lot!

We finish off yet again with ice cream, but this time we have Kuro Goma (black sesame) ice cream…

…and Dorayaki Matcha Ice Cream, which is a Japanese pancake, green tea ice cream, and red bean sandwich. It’s also deceivingly huge for a desert.

Now if you’ve gotten hungry reading this as I have while making it, you’re probably going to go get something to eat right about now, which is what I’m about to do. Until next time!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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