Edmonton Expo 2014

2014 marks the third year that the Edmonton Expo has been around, and boy have things changed.

For all of you that remember the very first Edmonton Expo, the show was an immediate hit and was exactly what the Edmonton scene was lacking.

I was pretty bummed when I wasn’t able to attend last years show, especially after hearing how much it grew in just a single year.

I wasn’t about to miss out on this years show, and it would appear that the growth hasn’t slowed down one bit with a record attendance of over 47,000 people!

Okay I’ll admit it, this was super tempting to take home with me.

Maybe one of these days I’ll go back to my roots…

This brings back a lot of memories!

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete has got to be one of the longest names for a game ever.

No idea what these two were but they seemed pretty awesome!

Brickwares always has the coolest mosaics on display.

Check out these Adventure Time themed wallets by Majesty Industries!

They also had other themed goodies such as Star Trek and Dr. Who.

All their products seemed to have a simple approach, and sometimes simple is best!

Wow I did not know that Fisher Price made DC themed toys.

Oh. My. Gosh. This is one of those super geeky things that I borderline regret not buying on an impulse.

A couple different booths had some 3D printers on display and in action, ready to make anything that people wanted.

Watching tiny items come to life was pretty awesome, especially since it can be your very own creation!

One of the Expo regulars, SALUG (Southern Alberta Lego Users Group), was out in full force for the Edmonton show this year.

They had a few custom themed X-wing fighters on display like this colorful rainbow one…

…and this construction themed one…

…as well as what appears to be a Wyldstyle X-wing!

But without a doubt the most impressive Lego display there was this one: the Battle Of Hoth.

Like this was HUGE and caused quite the roadblock from onlookers.

As usual, SALUG’s attention to detail can always be seen by these little Easter Eggs hidden in most of their creations.

This was also their first time creating a two-story display. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of work and patience that went into recreating this epic Lego creation.

Right next to the Battle Of Hoth was a few more goodies from SALUG, like this Battlestar Galactica, complete with blue lighting!

Oh man, this is pretty epic.

I’m sure everyone is just as excited about the final movie of the trilogy coming out at the end of the year (hopefully you all know what this is)!

Do you guys think Lego should start making League Of Legend products?

Great Scott! What’s that I see?

They even recreated the final scene from Back To The Future!

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but this city scape display was absolutely massive.

Oh look, something for sale that you can actually use!

Some highly detailed figurines by Carys Cuttlefish.


Taking pictures at the expos means no cosplaying for myself. Maybe I’ll just plop one of these onto my head for next year?

While the League Of Legends figurines by Xinzhida are nothing new…

…it’s certainly my first time seeing the larger League figures like this badass looking Ezreal!

This Ahri was looking pretty sweet as well.

No idea what these robot looking things are but they look pretty cool!

Check out this awesome chalkboard by Charlie Rabbit. They have multiple designs/layouts available and the idea is that you can instantly change the look of the picture by just drawing on it with chalk! How cool is that?!

Am I the only one that prefers the old school Transformers to the modern day ones?

There are exceptions however, such as this chibi styled Optimus!

I had no idea that this even existed.

Now if only Valve would come out with Portal 3…

Wait, what?!

These Uglydoll looking plushies are made by a group called Sew Geekie. I see what they did there…

Holy this is awesome.

Stick around for more as we’ll be looking at the cosplayers next time!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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