We Take Costume Parties Seriously

Given that this year was the 10th anniversary of the Calgary Expo, there was no way that the cosplayers were going to hold back. We took a look at the show itself last time, so let’s take a look at the cosplayers this time!

Big conventions like this always draw in big name cosplayers as well such as Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri…

…and of course Edmonton’s very own Mandee Sim! Unfortunately I happen to catch Mandee when she was in civilian clothing.

Even Hiro, Honey Lemon, and Baymax were in attendance!

Okay who knows where I can buy myself a pair of these?

A pair of doctors, one completely outfitted with a TARDIS that he actually walks around in!

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like looking through that scouter and Chappie’s head all day.

Glad to see that people still haven’t forgotten about the old school animes…

…or even their different forms such as Eternal Sailor Moon!

Not sure who this is but he looks seriously badass.

We saw Sean’s Pip-Boy in the last post but someone at the expo made one by integrating his phone as the screen!

Looks like I’m going to have to finally get myself an Xbox One this year when Halo 5 is released.

It’s always nice to see families coming out to enjoy the expo together.

I absolutely love this!

An awesome looking steampunk family.

As some of you may know, my nephew Titus would be attending the Calgary Expo for the very first time dressed up as Toon Link!

He had quite a few adventures running into other cosplayers such as Tingle…

…and Ganondorf…

…and King Dedede…

…and Mega Man…

…and Captain America…

…and Impa…

…and Link…

…Link again…

…and even Red Link!

We’ll actually be taking a closer look at some of my groups cosplays in another post so stay keep an eye out for that coming in the near future.

Groot getting some touch-up work done mid-show.

No idea what this is but damn. The attention to detail here is insane.

It’s the Commander Shep that we saw back at the Edmonton Expo!

So who else thought that this was Princess Peach? It is in fact Princess Charlotte from Princess And The Frog!

This Joker variation sure looks sharp.

This is one serious looking predator.

Hyrule Warriors unite!

My first time seeing South Park cosplays and I’m quite enjoying it!

I’ve seen some Borderlands cosplays before but never with LED eyes. Awesome.

Without a doubt the biggest Harley Quinn hammer at the expo.

I can’t say that I actually know what the thing on the left is. Anyone?

Good thing Storm didn’t mess with the weather in Calgary this time around, unlike last year…

I guess both good and evil can coexist when it comes to imagination.

Who else is excited for the new Dragon Ball Z movie, Resurrection F?!

Time for some rocket science.

As I said in my last post, League Of Legends has not slowed down one bit in popularity over the years.

There were definitely more League cosplays this time around, many of which looked very good!

Me shooting Caitlyn why she’s about to shoot me.

It was also quite nice to not only see more League cosplays, but people cosplaying in the different available champion skins!

Bittersweet Lulu! Those bracelets though…

This Suprize Party Fiddlesticks’ arms are actually inside the main body of the costume, controlling the external arms with sticks (sort of like a wearable puppet). I can’t even begin to imagine how uncomfortable this must’ve been for the duration of the expo, but this guy did it!

I was REALLY loving this Firecracker Jinx. Especially digging that Dragon bazooka.

10 points to anyone who knows where this is from!

I wasn’t expecting to see an Ariel and Eric cosplay…

…nor was I expecting an Ursula to complete it!

I don’t know why but I secretly want to see Gir do the monkey.

Probably the first morning star I’ve ever seen in a cosplay.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Odin Sphere so I was quite excited to see this Gwendolyn cosplay.

Thought you looked cool smoking? Definitely not as cool as this guy!

It was actually pretty windy outside and this poor Cole (Dragon Age: Inquisition) almost lost her hat.

Pizza Time!

Not exactly sure what was going on here, and no, Michelangelo was not giving out free candy…

…although strangely enough these banana guys were (seriously, they were giving out free Skittles)!

It was uncanny just how similar this guy looked like Johnny Depp…

What time is it?!

Probably one of the first proper “shoot ‘em up” games I played as a kid, it’s Earthworm Jim!

Have you’ve tried turning it off and back on again?

Not sure if photo bomb, or just posing for the camera…

Actually that girl just seemed to be in a super happy mood, and why not!

The amount of attention to detail that went into the Poison Ivy was extremely impressive.

There were so many tiny details throughout the entire dress…

…and even under (yes I had permission to take this photo)!

Now this was certainly different.

The guys on the left here were looking especially fabulous.


Never in a thousand years would I have guessed that this is from My Little Pony. Yup, you read that right.

As if the dress itself wasn’t spectacular enough, it actually lights up!

Tea time?

40% human!

Wouldn’t be surprised if this fellow suddenly took off with how windy it was that weekend.

I commend this gentleman for cosplaying as Vincent Brooks as all he’s really wearing is just heart patterned boxers!

Come to think of it, I think I’m probably skinny enough to cosplay as Jack Skellington.

Meep meep meep!

This guy was unbelievably shiny and blinding with how bright out it was.

Blackwall (Dragon Age: Inquisition) with the Wedge of Destiny.

This groups weapons were HUGE!

As you can see there were a lot of good and extravagant cosplays this year, so it was a little refreshing to see something as simple as Chihiro/Sen from Spirited Away.

The beard just completes this cosplay so well.

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos on my Flickr page as there is many more that weren’t posted here!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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