ill.motion Sunday School 2015

Fresh from the Driven show earlier this year, it was time for yet more car show goodness: the ill.motion Sunday School!

I only started attending the Sunday School two years after its inception, but now I make it a point to try and go for the day as it’s a good excuse to enjoy the sunshine, see some cool cars, and enjoy some delicious bubble tea and sushi afterwards.

I should however start taking the following Monday off as these Calgary day trips sure are exhausting.

In any case, let’s take a look at what I was standing out in the blazing heat for all day…

…kicking off with a car that needs no introduction, Trung’s Voltex/HKS/Everythingballin’ S2000.

I never get tired looking at this car.

Eddy’s car looking as ratty as ever.

The Huber brothers cars both looking minty fresh.

Looks like Zee has found a twin!

Such a timeless design.

Finally a full shot of the Funky Garage JZX100!

Holy yes please.

Hard to tell from the photo but the mirror finish decals on this car were absolutely blinding.

I really like how this Rocket Bunny FD still has a somewhat subtle look to it compared to a lot of the other RB kitted cars we see.

I just had to grab another shot of this super clean FD that I saw back at Driven. Also pretty rare to fine URAS aero on an FD.

Love the old school vibe that this car has; I’m especially digging the Advans!

I actually quite like the way the R32 taillights look on an S13 coupe.

Just like last year, I was mostly looking forward to seeing a particular group of cars…

…namely Reggie Mah and his friends who make the drive out all the way from Vancouver for this show!

Reggie’s FR-S has changed quite a bit since the last time we saw it, including a brand new Varis Arising II kit mixed in with Rocket Bunny over fenders, another Rocket Bunny Wing, some bright blue TE37’s, and a new livery, just to name a few things.

Don’t think it’s all just for looks though as this car is now boosted thanks to the addition of a GReddy turbo kit!

Sitting right next to Reggie’s car was a Voltex wide-bodied Evo X which was actually just recently completed by the folks over at A&J Racing in Richmond.

And right next to the Evo X? It’s biggest rival of course: a wide-bodied Varis wearing GRB Impreza STi.

We also saw this car last year but as you can see, the owners like to change things up quite a bit as they go along.

One of the finishing touches on this car would have to be the brand new Car Shop GLOW headlights. When I say brand new, I mean it. These bad boys were installed just the night prior!

But when it comes to changing things up…

…this Impreza takes the cake for me. Just ask anyone that I was at the show with; I absolutely LOVE this car.

I’ll admit it, “itasha” is a super geeky/otaku thing to do, but this car just pulls it off so damn well. I’d take this livery over the Cusco-inspired one that it was rocking last year any day.

This without a doubt was my favourite car of the show (sorry friends!) and probably one of my favourites of all time!

A super clean Midnight Purple S14.

I spotted this Integra a few months ago outside in the parking lot at Driven. Looking good!

I really don’t know what else Ron can do to his R32 GTR to make it better. It’s so simple yet aggressive at the same time, which I think suites this car perfectly.

It’s nice to see a JZX100 that hasn’t been turned into a drift missile.

Quite the interesting Mazda 3…

I’ll give a cookie to whoever knows what this is. Dem RPF1’s though!

I remember I used to see MR2’s all the time. Sadly they seem to be becoming more of a rarity these days, especially clean examples like this one.

God do I ever love the Ridox kit for the Supra.

Well that’s one way to do it.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a modified Prius in person until now.

Tommy’s immaculate M3 was also in attendance and would take home yet another award. Congrats Tommy!

Right next to the M3 was this equally insane looking X6M which I believe also belongs to Tommy. Crazy.

I snapped a picture of this Impreza earlier this year and it ended up on JDMgram. Awesome!

Old school Celica with TE37SL Black Edition’s adding that modern touch.

J’s Racing or Mugen?

Personally I can’t get enough of the Mugen kit, despite that big gigantic smile up front.

As always, I make it a point to check out the parking lot at events like these as it’s always full of surprizes.

Super cool looking Mugen kitted TSX.

I just love these things so much. Sadly we don’t see enough modified examples around town, unlike in Vancouver.

Gangster twins.

Battle hardened R32.

Another one of my favourites from the show were actually these pair of 964’s in the parking lot.

Both were absolutely slammed and unbelievably clean.

I think this is a perfect example of how simple is sometimes best. As if I didn’t already love Porsches enough, this is something else!

Don’t think I’ve ever seen an SLK done up like this before.

A Scion iQ rolling on TE37’s brought out by the guys over at Country Hills Toyota.

An immaculate 1967 Ford Thunderbird is already pretty cool…

…but this guy stepped it up a notch and had an equally old school A&W windows tray!

Now THIS is really awesome. I’ve always had a soft spot for Civic Sedans/EL’s but this guy just takes it to another level. Perhaps I’ll have to do the same with my own EL…?

A super clean EG with a Voltex GT wing out back…

…and a JDM Integra front end conversion up front!

Talk about 1999. This group definitely brought back memories from when I first got into this scene.

Jimmy’s EM1 on his brand new set of TE37’s! Boy are these popular rims.

Pretty interesting to see how the owner or this R32 GTR decided to go with a set of Watanabe’s. I actually think it looks pretty good, what do you guys think?

I never knew that the S600 was available in left hand drive. Hopefully Honda decides to release the new S660 outside of Japan!

I haven’t the slightest clue as to what this is, but it looks pretty cool.

With only a few months of summer left, there’s not much more time for car related activities. I plan to attend at least a couple more events so stay tuned for more while the sunshine lasts!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

2 responses to “ill.motion Sunday School 2015

  1. Hi, thanks for featuring my 1967 Thunderbird in your blog! A bit of history for you – my father bought the car back in 1977 and was the first car I ever drove. When he passed away in 2009, I inherited it and since then have repainted it and put on new tires, but the roof and interior are original. As one of the very few women who own a classic car, I am very proud to take it out to weekly meets and relate the history of it to car lovers. :-)

    • Glad to see that you’ve kept it and in such immaculate condition no less. I look forward to seeing this amazing car in more shows and meets in the future!

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