The Eleventh Hour

All good things come to an end unfortunately; in this case, our beloved summer here in empty Alberta. Seems like just yesterday that the snow had melted away, but we’re already preparing for it again so soon. Regardless, it was time for one final bash!

Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for Thanksgiving. While the morning was nice and clear, we quickly found ourselves drenched in the rain.

Many people fell victim to the slippery road surface, including James in his new S2000 that we saw during a shakedown session a couple months ago.

James wasn’t the only one having problems either; in the morning alone we saw multiple spins, engine troubles, electrical issues, and even a blown engine. Clearly the last event of the year was not going to be an easy one.

Sadly I would not be driving that day either, but this at least meant I could snap away at the cars all day. I arrived right around lunch time so I took this opportunity to take a walk through the pits.

Kasem is no stranger to the track, having previously owned and tracked a 500WHP Lancer Evolution IX. He has however since moved on and is now the new proud owner of the turbocharged Amuse GT1 Honda S2000 you see here, driven all the way up from Calgary (yup, not trailered!).

Does this car looked familiar to you? If it does then that’s because this is the ex-Team Limit car, originally built by AQ Motorsports/JHP USA/Novak Racing out of Southern California. This is a fully built race car and rest assured that it’s a beast on the track!

Kasem wasn’t alone from Calgary either as many others joined him to take part in the days festivities.

This is probably my favourite FD in Alberta; glad to see that it was out on the track that day too!

By the time lunch was over the sun had started to make its way out, but the track was still very much wet.

No matter, people out there found grip one way or another!

Despite the rain, Kyle was still pushing his little Honda Fit to the absolute limit and ended up taking the TJ-3 Time Attack class for 2015. Congrats!

Danny is always a fun driver to watch as he’s definitely not afraid of a little loss of traction.

Unfortunately he was also one of the many to run into problems. A broken axle ended his day prematurely but I’m sure he’ll be back in action next year!

GT-R Power!

Orrin would also go on to take this years TJ-2 Time Attack class.

I just love the outrageousness of his wing setup.

Despite the steep price tag, the owner of this GT3 certainly wasn’t afraid to open up the throttle in these conditions.

Jeremy Clarkson certainly wasn’t kidding when he said that R8’s are quiet!

On the other hand, I’d take the sound of a screaming Boxer over silence any day.

I love seeing four door sedans out on the track.

Even some of the AWD vehicles were having traction issues out there.

Peter also found himself spinning out in the morning but somehow always manages to keep his car showroom clean…

This was the first time I’ve seen an S15 in action and it’s not even going sideways!

Actually come to think of it, these cars look great no matter what they’re doing.

Even though this was his first real event in the car, James still looked great out on the track.

The current setup is still fairly simple. I can’t wait to see what else James does to it though as time progresses!

Speaking of James, Danny was also in attendance in James’ old (now K20 powered) EK Civic.

I took a ride along at the end of the day in this car and boy is it quick.

We quickly found ourselves in a dogfight with Kevin and his Spoon S2000!

A fairly stock looking 350Z but it still looked great out on the track.

Who the heck brings a NASCAR to a track day? This guy.

Despite being such a popular platform, this is the only other time I’ve seen DC5’s out on the track besides Jamie’s.

Both cars were tearing it up around the track and of course sounded great while doing it!

Awww yeah, I love EM1’s.

Not sure what this particular S2000 was running but it was extremely loud. VTEC for days!

We very rarely see GT wings on hatchbacks here but I think it looks awesome.

Kasem’s S2000 was without a doubt the car that everyone was waiting to see in action.

Saying that this car looked fast out there would be an understatement. It looked absolutely beastly with constant flames spitting out of that side exit exhaust! Just too awesome.

This FD just looks so clean regardless of its environment.

If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a bit of fender trim flying off the front wheel well.

It took a while but the look of GRB Impreza’s have finally grown on me.

A very pretty looking Cayman GT4 resting in the pits.

Sadly, this concludes both my post and pretty much everything track day related that I’ll be posting for the rest of the year. Now comes the long wait while we endure the cold winter months, but don’t you worry because we’ll be back next year!

Be sure to check out the full gallery bellow as there are tons more photos in there!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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