Dressed To Impress

In my last post from the 2015 Edmonton Expo, I mentioned that a lot of the vendors stay the same each year. Of course this is to be expected, and while we do see some new things each year, a large majority of it does in fact stay the same. One thing that’s almost always changing however would be the cosplayers, and that’s probably my favourite thing to see at these conventions.

My day actually kicked off with a Spider-Verse gathering just outside the show…

…where a bunch of your friendly neighborhood Spidey’s and friends gathered for some photo opportunities!

I’ve seen some cosplayers use Silly String as webbing in the past, but a few people from this group created a much more durable webbing out of duct tape!

Even Titus decided to join in on the action.

While duct tape is much stronger than Silly String…

…I still don’t really recommend using it to hang off of objects.

While a little sore, Sean was a-ok from this little fall. Remember to stay safe out there fellow cosplayers!

Eventually it was time to head on inside to check out some of the other cosplays, such as this lovely looking Belle.

This Woody and Buzz duo looked absolutely amazing and were definitely some of the more talked about cosplays from the show.

Ok now THAT is an awesome idea.

I remember seeing some Five Nights At Freddy’s masks at the Calgary Expo earlier this year but looks like some people have gone one step further and created the full outfit.

You can check out more gruesome looking getups like this at this years Deadmonton Haunted House on Jasper Ave!

Who remembers this character from Sesame Street?! Because I sure don’t…

I don’t remember the name of this booth but they have all sorts of terrifying and insanely tall costumes.

It’s Super Domo!

It’s a little hard to tell from this photo but her shield actually lights up. Pretty neat!

Awesome looking Borderlands duo.

This Vault Boy reminds me of a gigantic Lego figure.

I also ran into my good friend Mandy in her brand new Ahri cosplay! Sadly the lighting in this particular spot wasn’t the greatest. Maybe I’ll just have to do a full shoot with her someday?

A very well done Mystique. I don’t recall what she was wearing but I can’t imagine that it was too warm.

Forget Anna and Elsa, these guys are where it’s at!

I’ve completely forgot about Rita Repulsa until now.

I always love it when families come out to enjoy the expo together. It’s even better when they all cosplays as a group such as this Mario Kart family!

This Avatar family was also looking great.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a Penguin cosplay, and boy does he ever look menacing.

I also don’t think that I’ve seen a Spawn cosplay up until this point. Awesome!

Well that’s something new. Hope he didn’t hit too many people when turning around.

A fearsome looking RoboCop.

Really digging the blood splatter patterns on the armour here!

I didn’t take a picture of it, but the assault rifle held by the Spartan on the right had a fully operational ammo counter that would go down when the trigger was depressed. Very cool.

Pokemon cosplays are nothing new but this Scyther was looking badass.

That dress is insane.

In fact the amount of attention to detail that went into this entire groups outfits was very impressive!

Pose for the camera!

One thing you’ve probably noticed by now is that each person in my “group” (friends and family that I attend expo with) try to create at least one new cosplay per event.

We start off with Sean’s rad looking Desert Batman cosplay which is also 100% functional with all the extra pouches and pockets!

Of course we had to get his signature smoking shot.

Jessica’s Nisha (Borderlands) cosplay was originally made for the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year but she decided to bring it out to this years Edmonton Expo.

Ever wonder what those random lines on some peoples faces are at these events? It’s real life cell shading!

I’m going to finish off this post with one of the photos from the Spider-Verse meet up. Make sure to check out the rest of the photos in the link below as there is much more to see in there. Until next time everybody!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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