Rain Dance

“We drive rain or shine – be prepared” is exactly what I didn’t do last weekend when I attended an ASA Autocross event. It was wet, cold, and windy; the perfect combination when you have to stand outside and help marshal for an hour and a half. What made it even worse were that the staff were experiencing timing issues, so many participants were given make-up runs.

I was actually out to help support my friends Lam and Kevin. You may remember Lam as the creator of the Rev For Le Cure event, and Kevin as the current owner of Gangster D’s old Spoon S2000. It’s been a few years since Lam was on the track so she was out to shake off the dust and get back into it. Kevin on the other hand would be driving in the wet with bald NT01’s (imagine running an obstacle course made of ice while wearing running shoes). Thankfully the rain let up a bit and the driving line started to dry up.

Autocross is a great way to get into track driving as well as to help improve your driving skills without jumping straight into big scary track days. The season is almost over so make sure to sign up for your next track event soon!

Enjoy the rest of the photos below:
















Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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