Master Of Masks


Creating a costume from scratch is no easy task. I’d like to think that because of this, most cosplayers don’t go making new cosplays on a regular basis given the amount of work required. Of course I can’t really say for certain as I don’t cosplay myself, but I do have the privilege of seeing multiple new outfits created each year by my own sister and friends.

We’ve all seen Priscilla, Jessica, Sean, and David cosplay before, but the fact that they create a couple new outfits each year really show their dedication to the hobby. For this years Edmonton Expo, the group has come up with some fresh cosplays for your viewing pleasure in the form on Ciri (The Witcher), Cerys an Craite (The Witcher), Poe Dameron (Star Wars), and of course, Sean with an all-new Medieval Batman (from, duh, Batman!).















Be sure to check out the Flickr link below for more photos from this set!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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