Visible Aspect

Once upon a time I didn’t always shoot cars. It used to be all events, dance, nature, and fashion. While cars are obviously a big part of my life, I still enjoy shooting pretty much everything else out there just as much. Events like Miss Asia are a rather rare thing for me since the benefit concerts of years past are no more, so needless to say I was back for the second year of Miss Asia Edmonton.

I actually filmed this event last year which was a rather refreshing experience for me, but the very next morning (literally) it was right back to shooting cars. One thing I quite like about Miss Asia is that it mixes quite a bit of what I used to shoot all together; dance, fashion, singing, it’s got it all. Big thanks to everyone who helped organize such a great and fun event to shoot, and of course to my good friend Amy for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Oh and the next like six posts are all going to be car related.

































Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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