Embracing The Elements

Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year! I usually start things off with either a rallycross or comic convention post, but recently I’ve been enjoying something a little different: off-roading. Usually when I’m in a truck or SUV it’s towing a car of some sort to the track, but not this day. Instead, a few of us got together with a few trusty Toyota’s and decided to venture off and explore some trails.

While I’m more used to racing cars on a smooth surface, this was still a ton of fun. I’m a big fan of getting lost and just exploring (if you can even call that a thing) and while I didn’t realize it at first, this was a perfect mix of both automobiles and adventure. That being said we’re definitely planning on going again sometime.

This trip was also to help get some new photos for my good friends over at RA Motorsports as they are planning on launching their website in the near future. They will be offering a variety of parts for various vehicles (some of which are seen in this post, such as the rock sliders, skid plates, and portable fire pit), all of which is made right here in Alberta, so be sure to keep an eye out for their launch!
































Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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