Edmonton Expo 2018

And just like that, my 2018 season has come to an end. The Edmonton Expo marks the last major event I’ll cover in the year, which is nice considering that it is a home event.

Despite being one of the last events of the year around here, there’s still plenty to see…

…such as this amazing Lego display from the folks over at NALUG.

They even had a Pikachu this year!

Hot Wheels have sure gotten popular again amongst car enthusiasts. Even I couldn’t resist and snagged a few for myself…

Sadly I don’t remember the name of this vendor but they always have some pretty cool items available, such as these Japanese canvas bags…

…bubble tea keychains…

…and even Japanese ice cream cone towers!

Or if you’re a single scoop kind of person, there was this giant cone available at another vendor not too far away…

Neko Atsume!


I’ve no idea what this show is about but I love this thing.

Tiny sheep in all kinds of wonderful colors.

Some VERY detailed hand-crafted necklaces by Arcane Angel. Each pendant can be opened to insert different colored LED’s as well to add that personal touch.

Majora’s Mask apron by Aria’s Apparel.

Oddity Apparel had a variety of custom clothing and accessories such as these Eevee evolution shoes…

…as well as these Katamari and Heartless bags!

There’s so many different Pop! figures these days that I can’t even keep up anymore.

Nitro Geek Laser Works offers a variety of laser etched mugs and glasses, but they’ve also been able to apply that same technology to wood to create these custom coasters as well.

Unique rustic-styled creations by Hedgepig Pottery.

A rather more happy approach to some of our favourite Marvel characters by Gentle Giant.

I thought this was really cool: as the name suggests, A Book On One Page takes an entire novel and puts it on a single poster, but as you can see from this Wizard Of Oz sample, does so in a fantastic artistic style.

Something else that I really enjoy are these Pokémon terrarium’s!

More Neko Atsume…

Perler bead art is nothing new but the team over at Live Geek Designs honestly takes it to a whole new level.

I mean just LOOK at these. Very impressive.

Came across an original Tamagotchi still new in the box!

Going old school with some of our favourite classic arcade games courtesy of World One Arcade.

Without a doubt my favourite vendor of the event was Kilos Caravan.

This entire booth was completely done in an authentic Fallout stylen…

…and of course they’re a vendor, so they sold their very own Fallout 4 props!

The booth itself was also decked out with a terminal for you to play some mini-games on…

…a laser and Institute rifle on display…

…a special Nuka Cola bat…

…and of course, a fully wearable suit of Power Armor. Badass.

Local video game developers Bioware had a variety of Javelins on display from their latest creation, Anthem.

So awesome.

Enjoy your morning coffee with this rather optimistic looking Bob Ross mug by Baun Bon.

Very creative Mario themed lamp by S.A.D Pixels.

Modulicious always has some of the coolest offerings such as these R2-D2 planters.

I don’t even know how to describe this, but what you are looking at is a wooden sheet that is then “drawn” out with a scroll saw. What is a scroll saw you ask? It is essentially a tiny, TINY little saw used for small precision work such as this. Created by Phoenix Scroll Sawart, this is done on a single wooden sheet and completely done by hand.


I was very excited to find this Bao figure by Funko; it’s not every day that the Pixar short films steal the spotlight!

Absolutely massive Snorlax bed hiding in the back…

Mario cake by Teresa Cakes.

“Zero motivation”.

Not sure why I took a photo of these…

Bearbrick style Batman or something along those lines…

Sleek looking Pikachu by paper toy artist Trevor Frick.

So it turns out that all those Meltan shaped Pokémon that popped everywhere are just Ditto’s…

I’ve always seen Rawry & Poly post photos of this online but this was my first time actually seeing one available!

Want a plant but don’t have the time/patience/motivation to take care of it? No problem, just get one of these crocheted plants by RaKool.

Or if you prefer to stare at dim sum instead of eat it, you can now get this dumpling combo from Ohana Craft!

Crocheted Moogle by Cwilock…

…who also created this amazing looking Link.

At first I thought this was just a cool little toy until I picked it up and realized that IT’S ACTUALLY A FULLY FUNCTIONING TINY PAC MAN ARCADE MACHINE WITH FULLY FUNCTIONING JOYSTICK AND BUTTONS.

I don’t know why but this made me laugh.

London Drugs and HP were on hand with plenty of Omen gaming equipment for people to try.

Random tiny chibi corgi.

I’ve always enjoyed the time, effort, and attention to detail that gamers put into the creation of their tabletop game prop.

That being said, I can’t help but imagine that this would make quite the epic table flip rage quit…

I forgot to grab the name of this artist but just like the Pokémon terrariums, they’ve created some of their very own mini environments with characters from your favourite movies!

That’s all I have to show from this years show, but be sure to check back soon for the cosplay post!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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