RA Motorsports Wheel Table Stand

Today I have something a little different that I want to share with you all; what you are looking at here is the new Wheel Table Stand by my good friends over at RA Motorsports.

I’ve seen people turn wheels into coffee tables and nightstands all the time, but it was always a custom project where you’d have to get a little creative (which isn’t a bad thing), but there was never anything readily available for what is a rather simple DIY. This is where the new wheel stand comes in.

This allows you to create your own wheel table within minutes (assuming you have a spare wheel kicking around). The stand itself is fairly straightforward. It is made from steel and features a 16” round base…

…with the top mounting plate pre-drilled for 5×114.3, 5×100, 4×100, and 4×114.3 bolt patterns.

The center column is also hollow and features a pass through in case you want to run lights inside of your new table.

Besides the stand itself, all you need to complete your own wheel table is of course a wheel, some studs, your favourite lug nuts, and some glass to complete the project! I personally went with this Gram Lights T57-RC in a Shining Silver finish.

Holding it all down are some Work RS-R Type open ended lug nuts in red…

…and because I’m me, I also went ahead and put on a blue Advan aluminum valve stem.

Once everything is bolted together, all that’s left to do is to lay your glass on top! Any glass shop should be able to cut custom glass for you depending on your needs, just make sure you measure the diameter of your wheel face.

Usually you’d probably want to stick some rubber stoppers/bumpers onto the wheel itself so that the glass can sit on top of that and not slide around. In my case I actually got my glass 3M’d on both sides so that the bottom doesn’t move around and the top stays free from any scratches.

And there you have it! This combo in particular measures exactly 18” tall which is actually the same as both my current coffee table and nightstand from Ikea.

Of course wheel sizing and glass thickness will affect the overall height, but various stand heights, bolt patterns, and even powdercoat color options will be available on the RA Motorsports website in the near future (link below) so be sure to keep an eye out for it!




Wheel Table Stand by RA Motorsports

Wheel, lug nuts, and valve stem from Invision Auto Imports

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