Driven 2010

For my last Driven throwback post we go back to the year 2010 in Calgary, kicking off with none other than Jackie Law’s S2000. Personally I really loved this particular stage of Jackie’s build; candy blue TE37’s, ASM front bumper, J’s Racing wing, and of course, that amazing stance on a stock bodied S2000. Perfect.

Sharpied R6 which ended up getting totaled by a drunk driver the following year…

Arif’s EK on white TE’s and F20B swap.

Darren’s ITR.



Derrick’s Integra with a sticker bombed front lip. This car still looks fantastic these days.

Hoang’s super clean EM1 build. Seeing this makes me kind of want one of these instead of a hatch for a track project…




Ron’s 850HP Eagle Talon. This car ran 10’s in the quarter mile with most of its interior and amenities still intact!




Ryan’s EP3 on Volk RE30’s in Formula Silver.

Reggie’s old Integra GS before he built Kid Icarus.

Rhys’ old MR2.





There were also quite a few YouTube guests present at this show…

…such as Lydia Paek…

…Timothy DeLeGhetto…

…Erika David…



…and of course, Victor Kim.

This was actually my second time meeting Victor. I had shot a Quest Crew show in Calgary earlier that year and was somewhat known for a few of my shots as they got circulated around social media.

I would end up meeting both Lydia and Victor again at a couple different events later on. Maybe I’ll post those up sometime down the road…











And that wraps up the last of my throwback Driven coverage! Hope you guys enjoyed this miniseries of retrospective posts showing what car culture looked like here back in the day. Looking back at these actually make me miss the days of clean bodylines before all the over fender madness took over…oh well, things will always change and move on I guess. Until next time!


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