Midnight Rev Up 2019

I remember a couple years ago when the first Midnight Rev Up show came to be; it was new, it was fresh, and it was a lot of fun, so I was a little bummed when I didn’t see any news of a returning show last year. This year however, Midnight Rev Up was back!

While the last show was held at the Aviation Museum, this years show was held inside the Eatons Centre Parkade in the heart of downtown Edmonton for that unmistakable Tokyo Drift atmosphere, minus the drifting.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating with heavy rainfall and strong winds all day. This eventually led to a lot of last minute changes with all of the cars being moved to the lower levels.

I’ll kick things off with the RA Motorsports group that I had the pleasure of representing. Starting with a car that I’ve teased a bit in the past, Cale’s Spork Sports liveried Suzuki Cappuccino on Evo III OZ Racing wheels finally made its full appearance.


Yes you read that correctly. The side of this car says Spork Sports and if this color scheme looks familiar, that’s because it is based on the iconic Spoon Sports livery.

This car however is not all bark and no bite. In fact you’ll find Cale at the track beating up much more powerful and expensive machinery more often than sitting pretty at a car show.

Also a BIG thank you to my good friends Sarah and Yvette for all their help with creating the main designs for this car. Everything turned out so good!

After a two year hiatus, the Integra was back.


For those who have been asking, absolutely nothing was wrong with the car. Instead, I’ve just been focusing my efforts elsewhere lately, however that being said…

…the car was back with a few new additions. I mean couldn’t come back completely the same now could I?





New Samco radiator hoses add a bit of color while an RA Motorsports cooling plate should help direct airflow on those hot summer track days. The amazing team at RA Motorsports also helped create the new burned radiator stays as well as this crazy prototype strut bar which replaces the OEM ITR center piece. Also peep the custom one-off FlyingPenguin battery tie down!



Eric’s S15 Silvia looking pretty much spotless as it always is.

Adam “3/10 Interior” Johma’s supercharged 350Z missing its pizza boy topper. Guess the road was open…

Warren’s fully restored 1972 Austin Mini would later go on to win Best Classic. Congrats!



And of course the main man himself, Matt’s AE86 Corolla on his new fancy Work Equip 40’s which look SO GOOD.



Dropsicles with their intricate ICE setups always impress wherever they go.


I remember a long time ago I would see a lot of pearlescent paint jobs locally but not anymore these days, so it was a bit of a blast to the past seeing this Supra showing off its white with blue pearl colors.

Clean and simple FD Civic on RPF1’s from Garage111.


I just LOVE EK sedans. Maybe one day…



I think this may be Kevin’s old car, but super cool looking CSX nonetheless. Also from Garage111, this car rocks a JDM FD2R exterior conversion, J’s Racing TYPE-X front lip and front ducts, AJRC GT mirrors, and FEEL’S front corner air ducts, just to name a few things.






Nugget Squad displaying their itasha liveries loud and proud.






Pretty rare to see RX-8’s these days so I was pleasantly surprised when this rather clean looking turbocharged example arrived. Not bad.





Minty fresh S14 with Chargespeed aero on Work Emotion XD9’s.


Wild looking Fit rolling on SevenK Nika-S wheels.

One of my favourites from the show was definitely this VIP styled LS430 on Weds Kranze Cerberus III’s from Ruthless Clique.




OG G-Corporation S13 also with the Ruthless Clique group.


G19 wrapped GTR.


This Voltex clad S2000 was recently completed by my friends over at First Gear Project and garnered all kinds of attention throughout the day.

Nick’s WRX STI on Advan RGIII’s.


New Civic Type R from Mercari Auto on red TE37’s.

Another favourite for me would’ve had to have been this dumped Alto Works.


2JZ powered S14 built by SSS Motorsports.

Focus RS on custom red Titan7 T-S5’s in the Wheels Plus booth.

Larry’s old MR2 on some old school Volk Racing GTN’s in the Clear Choice Auto booth.

The Midnight Rev Up FK8 Civic Type R.

Kaiser’s 86 sporting TRD aero and Volk ZE40’s.


RB26 swapped FD RX-7 with a BN Sports DEFEND widebody.




Club456 Evo IV RS in the Invision Auto Booth.


Also in the Invision Auto booth was the RS-R Sport Service Canada demo car. This car is super old school and was originally built by RS-R USA in what feels like forever ago. It was even on display at the Edmonton Indy eons ago. I even remember reading the JTUNED feature on this car when I was a kid, so it was great to see it out and about again. How many of you even know what JTUNED is?!


BRIDE Japan Canada was also on hand with a selection of seats for people to try out and get a feel for.


Carlo’s stunning Varis widebody WRX now looking even better on bronze Volk ZE40’s (sorry TE37 fans).

Peter’s TRD FR-S also on ZE40’s and now with new rainforest humidity simulator headlights.




Gerick’s Rocket Bunny RC350 in the Lost Royalty booth.

Randy’s mad Rallybacker flared FR-S also with Lost Royalty.

Not a bad look with the gold Mishimoto intercooler on this R32 Skyline from Static Culture.

Another FK8 Civic Type R this time on Advan TCIII’s from Static Culture.




Thank you to the Midnight Rev Up team for organizing another fun event despite the terrible weather conditions. Even though we’re always in a rush to get cars finished on time, it’s always worth it in the end to get together with the rest of the team and do what we love. It was also great catching up with a lot of you at the show as well and I always appreciate the support!

That being said, the next event for team RA is the Track Junkies event coming up soon on August 5th so I’ll see you all there!


Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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