“OMG is that a Supra?!” Why yes, yes it is, and believe it or not I didn’t hear a single “it doesn’t even have a 2JZ” or “it’s a BMW, not a real Supra” comment while at the latest Track Junkies event recently. Funny what happens when you actually go out to the track (that’s right I said it).

All jokes aside, this track day would very quickly turn into a full house with a total of 86 cars registered. The entry list just kept getting better and better every time I would check it; FK8 Civic Type R’s, a McLaren MP4-12C, multiple 911 GT3’s, and even a new Supra were among the many entries. While this made it fairly difficult to get clean laps in to attempt to set a new PB, it made for quite a few fun and friendly battles on track.

Although I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy motorsports, I cannot stress enough to PLEASE be patient, keep an open mind to learning new driving techniques, and whatever you do, drive within your limits. Drive fast but stay safe everyone.

Enjoy the photos.













































Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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