When We Were Immortal

I don’t have too much to say this time around but I just wanted to share some photos of some cool cars with you all. I recently attended the Edmonton Speedway Revival held at Castrol Raceway where a rather special group of Can-Am cars made a rare public appearance. Among this gathering of amazing machinery were a Ferrari 512 S, a Chinook Chevrolet Mk2, a McLaren M6B and M8C, and a Porsche 906, just to name a few (to put it into perspective, that’s a few millions worth of cars right there).

Not only was it great to see these pieces of history in front of me, but they were also driven (and driven HARD) around Castrol Raceway for a few demo laps. I attend a lot of different motorsports events at Castrol but never have I’ve seen cars like this screaming and sliding around all over the place. Wild.

I can only imagine what it was like to experience this in full force back in the day…
















































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