Honda Collection Hall

At the end of day one of Super GT, I made a quick stop to one of the many other attractions at Twin Ring Motegi before heading back to my hotel for the day. Besides zip lining, go-karts, obstacle courses, the hotel that I couldn’t stay at, and even a driving training park, one of the many facilities that Twin Ring Motegi has to offer for visitors is the famous Honda Collection Hall. As the name suggests, this is a museum that houses approximately 300 motorcycles and cars, from restored classics to legendary racing machines of yesteryear.

Some personal highlights for me here were the RC213V-S, NR, Honda Z, the trio of Type R’s, pretty much all the RC and RVF race bikes, the MUGEN Group A Civic, the #14 JACCS JTCC Accord driven by Hattori Naoki, the #84 Team Kunimitsu NSX GT2 driven by Tsuchiya Keiichi, Iida Akira, and Takahashi Kunimitsu, the JGTC GT500 Castrol MUGEN NSX, and of course, the McLaren-Honda MP4/4 driven by Senna which ultimately won him his first F1 championship in 1988. You can even sit in the Super GT GT500 Weider HSV-010!

There is also a gift shop on the main floor as well as a reading room which is full of automotive literature for your viewing pleasure. If you’re visiting the Motegi area I highly suggest stopping by here to visit some iconic automotive history. Oh and did I mention that admission is free?












































































































Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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