Good Again

This season has been off to a rough start for motorsport in Alberta, with even our fellow motorcyclists being kicked off track in the middle of an event. It hasn’t been easy, but thankfully things are back in motion as of recently. By now the season has been cut short a bit, but better than nothing I supposed (and also much better than a certain other track day somewhere out east…). It just felt good to be back.

While we’re on the topic of being back, the Integra should also be making a return later on in the season once some new parts arrive and I find some motivation to actually work on the car. For the time being though it’s back to photo duty for me, but I’m sure I’ll be back along with the rest of the RA Motorsports team soon enough.

Also there’s a photo of a stock automatic Civic in here to remind you all that you don’t need a “track ready” car with all the modifications in the world to be able to come out and enjoy driving.

Stay safe everyone.


















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